Custom Indy Figures – Palace Dinner Indy

This is my Blog of Rants, whereby I post blogs or rants on whatever issues that interest me every so often, although nowadays making custom Indiana Jones figures is my current passion and I’d like to showcase my creations with the world. So I’ll spread my postings evenly with a blog after every so number of custom figure showcases. And here’s the latest wave of my Indiana Jones customs!

#46: Palace Dinner Indy from “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”

Having been invited to the palace dinner, Indiana Jones dresses up by wearing a tweed jacket, and he even tries to look smart by wearing a pair of glasses. Indy seemed quite disaffected when exotic and bizarre dishes such as “snake surprise” were served up at the table, which was rather strange as Indy has an intense fear of snakes. Indy then goes on to offend and insult his hosts by insinuating that the evil Thuggee cult has returned to Pankot Palace. Later in the evening, Indy tries to entice Willie with an apple. He makes it into her chambers.

Head, hands, shoes – RPG Indiana Jones (“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”)
Torso, arms, legs – Templeton “Face” Peck (“The A-Team”)

I almost didn’t get to make this figure. I had wanted to get a “Face” figure so that I can customise Indy from the palace dinner scene, since they were wearing the same jacket suit. However, all the toy shops in Singapore had sold off their stock of “Face”, except for one shop at CSC, and that shop refused to sell “Face” as an single figure but only together as a set of all five “A-Team” figures. As I was unwilling to buy all five figures when I needed only one of them, I decided to wait until I can find “Face” on sale elsewhere, or if that shop decides to change its mind and sell the figures individually. It took nearly a year, and then one day when I visited that shop again, and found that the only remaining “Face” was on clearance sale! Needless to say I bought the figure.

The original “Face” figure.

Epoxy was used to sculpt the collar and jacket pockets. A bowtie was created by pasting a bowtie-shaped piece of paper, and sculpting epoxy over it. Indy’s hands and shoes were transplanted onto the figure. Since Indy was wearing glasses during the dinner scene, I fashioned out a pair of glasses by using clear plastic for the lenses, and paperclip for the bridge and arms.

Close-up of Palace Dinner Indy. There’s a slight inconsistency: in the movie only the top jacket button is fastened, while the figure has both buttons fastened. But I think he looks close enough!

“You can be my palace slave…” (Yes I know, that line does not come until much later.)

Here’s a snapshot of all my custom Indys together. From left: Indy in German soldier disguise (ROTLA), Indy in German officer disguise (TLC), Possessed Indy (TOD), Palace Dinner Indy (TOD), Tuxedo Indy (TOD), and Diving Suit Indy (he’s from an Indiana Jones comic).

Just one more:

Here we have two Indiana Jones from “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. From left: Indiana Jones (KOTCS), and RPG Indiana Jones. Note that in KOTCS, RPG Indy’s sleeves do not fold up to his elbows, but are just straight down, unfolded and unbuttoned. And Indy does not use the rocket-propelled grenade until later in the film, when he already has his jacket back on. RPG Indy has a slightly wider torso than KOTCS Indy, and I have recently noticed that there is a slight difference between the two heads. Compared to RPG Indy, KOTCS Indy has two extra strands of hair on his forehead. Most of my custom Indy heads came from either of these two figures.


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