Custom Indy Figures – Temple Escape Willie

Hi world! Here’s my latest custom Indiana Jones figure.

#47: Temple Escape Willie from “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”

The Thuggees have decided to sacrifice Willie Scott to their goddess Kali. Willie was about to be lowered into the lava pit, when Indy was aroused from the black sleep of Kali just in time to beat up the believers and free Willie from the pit. After Indy, Short Round and Willie have released all the child slaves from the mines, the trio were forced to escape through the tunnels while being pursued by dozens of Thuggee zealots.

The whole figure – Comes from Willie Scott (“Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”)

A recent trip to Hong Kong has allowed me to acquire an additional Willie Scott figure, and I’ve decided to customise a Willie Scott based on her appearance during the escape from the Temple of Doom. And the reason why I wanted to make this figure is because only a few simple steps are required for this custom. The original Willie figure comes with a pair of legs underneath her white dress, and the legs were sculpted in great detail as there were also the straps that were dangling from the belt on her hips. The dress was sliced off from the belt, and as there wasn’t much of a waist, epoxy was used to sculpt the waist below her belt. The legs were then painted white, with the straps painted silver. The only drawback is the lack of articulation for the legs – the knees can’t bend, and the feet cannot swivel. Other tasks involved removing the veil and touching up the hair with epoxy and paint, and slicing off the bangles from the wrists. And she’s done!

Comparison between the original Willie Scott figure (left), and Temple Escape Willie (right). Willie seems to have ripped off her own dress when escaping from the Temple of Doom.

Even the straps were exquisitely sculpted onto her hips.

Indy and gang on the run from the Thuggees.

One Response to Custom Indy Figures – Temple Escape Willie

  1. Love it. Any way you slice it,her torso is slightly too big for the legs as sculpted,(giving her some serious linebacker shoulders). You did soften the overall look,and pretty seamlessly,too. I also cut off the skirt,but used the soft goods veil as her gown,(transparent,to show the legs,but covering up the difference in size). I wish there was ankle/knee articulation. I’m currently having a custom Willie made to rectify this.

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