Indy compatible playstuff – The “Mongolian Death Worm”

You know, Godzilla isn’t the only monster that’s on my mind nowadays.

As part of my effort to complement my awesome Indiana Jones collection, I am also on the lookout for other figures or playsets that I find compatible with my Indy figs. Usually they are of the same 1:18 (or 3.75 inch) scale, or belong to the same time period as Indiana Jones (early 20th century, or WW2). For this showcase I feature something that I have acquired, which was rather inspired by an Indiana Jones novel that I had recently read.

In the novel “Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs”, Indy embarked on an expedition to Mongolia in search of a living dinosaur which has survived into the modern age, all the while pursued by cannibalistic Mongol bandits. For the story, the mythical “Mongolian Death Worm”, which everyone in Mongolia believes it really exists, was revealed to be the three-horned dinosaur the Triceratops, whose skin is “so poisonous that even to touch it means instant death”. Indy finally locates three living Triceratops eggs, but only one egg survives the chase by the Mongol bandits. The egg then hatches to a baby Triceratops, which Indy decides to leave it in the hidden paradise instead of taking it to the outside world to be studied by science.

Upon reading the book, I remembered that I had previously bought a set of miniature dinosaur skulls which I thought would have fit in an Indy figs-sized museum, and among them was a Triceratops skull.

Triceratops skull – made by Toob

During my Hong Kong trip, I found a piece-it-yourself Triceratops skeleton at the airport.

Triceratops skeleton – made by Dino Horizons

And recently a series of dinosaur figures came on sale at local department stores, and being still inspired by the Indiana Jones story that I had read, I acquired a set of adult and baby Triceratops.

Adult and baby Triceratops – from CollectA

Book scene from “Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs” – Indy finds the dinosaur eggs

Book scene – Indy and the Baby Triceratops

Also on sale is a larger sized and more appropiately scaled Triceratops, which I seriously contemplated on whether to acquire likewise. But considering that in the story, no adult Triceratops actually appeared, but only the Baby Triceratops, I decided not to buy this monster. I can still do that, but it would have been way too much fun.

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