Custom Indy Figures – Colonel Herman Dietrich

Back to your regular custom Indiana Jones figures showcase!

#48: Colonel Herman Dietrich from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

Colonel Dietrich served as the Nazis’ liaison with French archaeologist René Belloq when in 1936, Belloq was hired by the Nazis to search for the lost Ark of the Covenant, an ancient artifact of immense power. Dietrich was intently focused on his goal of obtaining the Ark for Der Führer, and was annoyed by Belloq’s frequent dalliance with Indy’s girlfriend Marion. After the Nazis had obtained the Ark, Belloq’s plan to perform a Jewish ritual to open the Ark greatly disturbed Dietrich. Nonetheless, Dietrich went ahead with it, aware that he needed to be sure that it was the actual genuine Ark that is going to be delivered to Hitler in Berlin.

Head – Imperial Officer (“Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back”)
Torso, arms, legs, cap – German Soldier (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”)
Hands – Spare black gloved hands of Templeton “Face” Peck (“The A-Team”)
Gun holster, and Luger – Colonel Vogel (“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”)
Chest eagle insignia – Transplanted from a Century Soldier German Officer

Most parts of Colonel Dietrich come from the German Soldier, only that I needed to find a face with the best resemblance to Dietrich. And that I found in the Imperial Officer from Star Wars, which was rather apt since in Star Wars lore, the Galactic Empire was said to have emphasized on Human supremacy and subjugated non-Human species to slavery. The Imperial Officer also fits into my requirements of a blond, blue-eyed Aryan for Dietrich.

Epoxy was used to sculpt the collars and tie, and the eagle insignia on the cap. To save myself the trouble of painting the hands black, I decided to transplanted over a pair of already-black gloved hands that I had as spares. The trouble with painting hands is that you have to consider whether the figure would be holding anything (such as guns), and therefore the palms should not be painted since any paint painted there will be worn off. Also, I have discovered that acrylic flat black color tends to grow mold easily and is a rather undesired color, if possible just use existing black parts.

It’s all in the details. True to his onscreen appearance, Dietrich’s scar has been painted onto his left cheek.

Belloq dons a ceremonial outfit as he prepares to open the Ark.
Dietrich and Toht stand close, eager to learn its secrets.

The Ark has been opened! The Ark Ghosts emerge and inflicts the wrath of God upon the Nazis.
Dietrich’s head is sucked inside out, Toht’s face melts away, and Belloq’s head explodes in a column of fire.
Here we have the special appearances of Holographic Darth Sidious and Darth Maul, standing in as Ark Ghosts.

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