Custom Indy Figures – Scottish Lord Indy and Brunwald Elsa

Here’s a combo showcase, and with good reason too!

#51: Scottish Lord Indy from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”

Indiana Jones and Elsa had arrived at Brunwald Castle, and Indy needed to find a way to infiltrate into the castle in order to rescue his father. Indy therefore disguised himself as a Scottish Lord and tried to pass himself off as “Lord Clarence McDonald” who had come to visit Brunwald Castle with his lovely assistant (Elsa) to view the tapestries. However, when the butler appeared less than convinced of Indy’s supposed identity, Indy then said goodbye to the butler in the German manner by punching the butler in the face and knocking him out.

Head, torso, legs – Indiana Jones (“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”)
Arms – German Soldier (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”)
Cloak – Garindan (“Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope”)

While scouting around the toy flea markets, I’m always on the lookout for loose figures which I could possibly use as custom fodder, and it so happened that when I saw the Star Wars Garindan figure with his cloak, I had a sudden brainstorm and it became obvious to me which Indiana Jones figure I can customise next. Although that cloak needed to be modified slightly to better match its onscreen appearance. Epoxy was used to sculpt additional collars and buttons. And Scottish Lord Indy wears a beret, which was created by first slicing off Indy’s fedora, then pasting a round piece of paper to use as a base, the beret was sculpted on using epoxy.

Actually, the figure does not look very convincing to me, which doesn’t really matter since no one in the movie was convinced by the Scottish Lord getup. Who was he trying to kid?

#52: Brunwald Elsa from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”

Indy had just freed his dad from his prison, and he went to get Elsa, only to find Elsa being held hostage by Colonel Vogel. When Vogel threatened to shoot Elsa unless Indy surrendered his weapon, the smittened Indy was unwilling to risk any harm to fall onto Elsa and he tossed away his machine gun (and breaking a couple of glass bottles in the process). Vogel then released Elsa into Indy’s arms, whereby Elsa revealed her true allegiance by stealing away Henry Jones Sr.’s grail diary from Indy’s jacket. Indy later learns that his dad had also similarly been smittened by Elsa, albeit earlier.

Head, arms – Elsa Schneider (“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”)
Torso, legs – Padme Amidala (“Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones”)
Hands – Marion Ravenwood (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”)

Well, considering that I had already customised variants for the lead female characters in the two preceding Indiana Jones movies, I’d thought it’s time to make a variant Elsa, and I have chosen to make a custom Elsa based on her appearance during the Brunwald Castle scenes. From my experience with female figures I had a good idea of which parts I needed to do the custom, namely Padme Amidala (again!), which is a favorite amongst customisers thanks to her female form. Her dress was trimmed to match Elsa’s, Elsa’s head and arms were transplanted over, and epoxy was used to sculpt the collars and vest flaps. The Elsa figure was wearing black gloves, so a pair of female hands was transplanted over to her, and those hands came from Marion (which was a rather apt choice, I think).

Femme fatale Elsa

Indy and Elsa masquerading as Scottish Lord with assistant.

Some time later…

“… Zat’s how Austrians say goodbye.”

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