Custom Indy Stuff – The Thompson Submachine Gun

Following up on my previous custom weapon (which was Kazim’s machine gun), I have made another weapon for one of my upcoming custom Indiana Jones figure.

I present to you : the Thompson Submachine Gun! Or as it is more infamously known as the Tommy Gun!

My original plan was to search on eBay for a 1:18 scale Tommy gun for use as an accessory to my figure (Kudos if you can already figure out who he is!), but after seeing only a handfull of listings and that some of them were on sale at exorbitant prices, I decided, what the hell. I can make the weapon myself, after all I had already made Kazim’s machine gun previously.

Similar to Kazim’s machine gun, the Tommy gun (top) was modified from a MP40 with extended stock (bottom), which came with the German Soldiers deluxe set. Some parts of the original gun were either sliced off or rearranged. The stock was created by pasting pieces of toothpicks as filler, and then sculpting over with epoxy. An additional handle from another MP40 was transplanted over to serve as the front handle. And a round piece of plastic was cut out and pasted onto the gun to serve as the drum barrel. Gun metal was painted over the epoxy and plastic to give the Tommy gun a metallic finish.

… And it was shortly after I had completed my Tommy gun when it was announced that Hasbro was going to make Bucky, a Marvel Universe character. And Bucky comes with… two Tommy guns!

Picture of Bucky (From

Let’s just say that I was damned pissed at having gone through all the trouble of creating the 1:18 scale Tommy gun, when only a few months later I could have easily bought the Tommy gun at the local department store.

A comparison between Bucky’s Tommy gun (top), and my custom made Tommy gun (bottom)

Awesome arsenal: MP40 (left), Kazim’s Haenel-Schmeisser MP28 II (middle) and the Tommy gun (right)


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