Trip to Hong Kong, December 2011

Hello world, I’ve just returned from a holiday trip with my parents to Hong Kong.

The Golden Bauhinia at Hong Kong

I was there for one week, visiting many places such as Lantau Island, Causeway Bay, Mongkok, etc. We traveled around mostly by using the subway known locally as the MTR.

Photo at Lantau Island

 A Christmas tree at Harbour City. Look closer.

Basically, I wanted to go to Hong Kong to do some toy-hunting. I had the idea that some figures which simply didn’t make it onto the shelves in Singapore, could possibly be on sale in Hong Kong, somewhere.  Before my trip, I had already done my research by reading up the blogs of other collectors who had gone shopping in Hong Kong, so I had a list of locations to check out. These include SOGO, the UML shops, In’s Point, Sino Centre, Richmond Shopping Arcade, CTMA centre, and a couple of toy shops along the streets of Sham Shui Po. There’s even an obscure toy shop way up on the 16th floor of a Causeway Bay commercial building, which has a stock of older more vintage figures. So, I managed to find some, but not all, of what I was looking for.

My awesome haul from Hong Kong. A short summary as follows:
Thor – Sif, King Laufey, King Loki.
Pirates of the Caribbean – Desert Weary Jack Sparrow, Ragetti.
GI Joe – Big Bear (a Soviet soldier whom I thought would fit into a Cold War era Indiana Jones theme).
Two 1:18 scale WWII German Soldiers
A couple of Indiana Jones figures for spares and custom parts.
A Schleich Indian Elephant – one of these days I’ll blog about its purpose.
And a 1:18 scale Mona Lisa painting, along with the other dunno what painting that came along with it.

And it’s just as well that I managed to control my expenses so that I didn’t buy ALL that I was interested in, otherwise I think I would have cleared out my bank account several times over. Rather, some of the above figures were already on clearance sale, so I managed  to buy them cheaply, instead of not being able to find them at all in Singapore.

Merry Christmas!