Custom Indy Figures – Irina Spalko v2.0

Here’s my latest custom Indiana Jones figures showcase!

#58: Irina Spalko v2.0 from “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

Colonel Doctor Irina Spalko was a highly decorated member of a psychic warfare research unit in the USSR. In 1957, Spalko became interested in the legend of the Crystal Skull of Akator, which stated that the person who possessed the Crystal Skull would have the power to control the world. Spalko was determined to find the skull and use its powers against Russia’s enemies, and lift Russia to the forefront of psychic warfare. Spalko sent her operatives to kidnap Indiana Jones, and subsequently coerced Indy into locating a mysterious crate in Hangar 51. The crate contained an important artifact that Spalko needed to study in order to proceed with her operation.

The whole figure – Comes from Irina Spalko (“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”)

Hasbro released a Irina Spalko figure in conjunction with the fourth Indiana Jones movie, and that figure was based on the appearance of Spalko’s uniform in the second half of the movie. But Spalko had earlier first appeared wearing a slight variation of the uniform, which has lapel collars and a T-shirt underneath. When I was able to find an extra Spalko figure, I decided to create a custom Spalko figure based on this earlier appearance. The custom work required dremeling down the existing turtleneck and using epoxy to sculpt the lapel collars and T-shirt. The front column of buttons were also reworked to resemble that of the other uniform’s.

And since I was changing almost the entire appearance of Irina Spalko, I had an inspiration to replace Spalko’s scabbard to one that can actually hold her sword. The original scabbard (which doesn’t hold anything) was replaced with a ball-point pen ink tube which then was painted to resemble the scabbard, and the sword fits into it! Now Spalko can carry her sword around! The original idea was to consider this custom as an non-numbered custom, but as substantial changes had been made to remake the figure’s appearance, I decided to elevate Spalko v2.0 to one of my official numbered custom work.

Comparison of the scabbard on both figures

Spalko wields her sword

Spalko and the disguised Colonel Dovchenko

Spalko coerces Indy to find her desired crate in Hangar 51.

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