Custom Indy Figures – Young Indy v2.0

Hello world, I present my latest custom Indiana Jones figure.

[UPDATE – 31 January 2014: I’ve assigned a numbering!]

#74 – Young Indy from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

In 1912, the 12-year-old Indiana Jones was a member of a Scouts horseback expedition exploring the dry lakes of Utah. While checking out the cave systems with a fellow scout, Indy came across a gang of grave robbers looting an ancient tomb. The grave robbers, led by their leader known only as “Fedora”, had just uncovered an ancient artifact, which Indy was able to identify as the Cross of Coronado. Indy at once recognised the historical significance of the artifact, and firmly believed that “it belongs in a museum”. Immediately, Indy sent his scout friend to seek help, while he himself comes up with some way to steal the cross away from the looters.

The whole figure – Comes from Young Indy (“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade“)
Hat – Bob Ranger from Chap Mei Figures and Playsets

Hasbro released a Young Indy in its “Last Crusade” wave of figures. But if you observe closely, you will find that this Young Indy was modeled on his appearance during his getaway from the grave robbers, with the Cross of Coronado tucked snugly in his belt. In fact, by this point Indy had even lost his hat! When I was able to procure an extra Young Indy figure, my initial idea was to customise a Young Indy figure perhaps based on one of his many appearances in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. However, none of the Young Indy appearances in YIJC felt appealing enough for me to create. In the end, I decided to do the simplest custom that I could think of, which was to redo the Young Indy figure so that he would look the way he first appeared in “The Last Crusade“.

The original Young Indy (left), and Young Indy v2.0 (right).

The cross was sliced off from the belt, and the belt was touched-up to hide the removal of the cross. For a while I was thinking of getting a Sgt. Slaughter figure and transplant his scout hat over to Young Indy, but as Sgt. Slaughter was a costly exclusive figure, that would have been insane! Fortunately, another figure with a similar hat (and much cheaper) was found. The hat was transplanted onto Young Indy’s head, and painted in the similar green. A Scouts emblem was sculpted onto the hat using epoxy. As there is not too much difference in the appearances between the original figure and the custom, I’m regarding Young Indy v2.0 as a non-numbered custom, similar to Colonel Vogel v2.0. Kinda like a touch-up job. [UPDATE – 31 January 2014: I’ve assigned a numbering for Young Indy v2.0]

While Fedora’s back was turned, Indy sneakily steals the cross away.

Unknown to Indy, the Cross of Coronado will become his obsession for the next 26 years.

With the cross tucked under his belt, Indy mounts his horse to make his getaway.

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