Custom Indy Figures – Wu Han

This is my 60th custom Indy figure! And what better place is there to celebrate the occasion than at Club Obi Wan. That’s right, we’re back at every Indy fans’ favourite nightclub to showcase one more character from “Temple of Doom”.

#60: Wu Han from “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”

Wu Han was Indiana Jones’ loyal sidekick who had, in his own words, followed Indy “on many adventures”. In 1935, Indy arrived in Shanghai for an artifact exchange with the crime lord Lao Che, and Wu Han served as Indy’s backup, disguised as a waiter at Club Obi Wan, ready to help Indy just in case anything went wrong. When the artifact exchange indeed turned ugly, with Indy getting himself poisoned, Indy attempted to demand the antidode from Lao Che, while Wu Han threatened Lao Che with a pistol. Unfortunately, Wu Han gets shot by one of Lao Che’s son, and after muttering a few farewell words he dies in Indy’s arms.

Head – Scotty (“Star Trek”)
Torso, legs, right hand – Indiana Jones (idol) (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”)
Arms – Luke Skywalker (“Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi”)
Jacket – Monkey Man (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”)

I had been planning a Wu Han custom for quite some time, and had been searching for the most suitable head for him. And I finally determined that Scotty’s head best resembled Wu Han. No questions about it, especially with that receding hairline. Monkey Man’s jacket was cut into the shape of a waiter’s tailcoat, using epoxy to sculpt the collars and lapels. Epoxy was also used to sculpt the bowtie and the inner vest.

Wu Han from another angle. Note the scar above the eye.

Since his first appearance in “Temple of Doom”, Wu Han had made several more appearances in other Indiana Jones media. As a matter in fact, Wu Han was said have first met Indy on at least three different occasions, one was as written in an Indiana Jones role-playing game sourcebook, another version was depicted in the novel “Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs”. The game “Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb” also has yet another version of their first meeting.

Disguised as a waiter in Club Obi Wan, Wu Han brings Nurhachi’s urn over to Indy for the artifact exchange with Lao Che.

After unwittingly drinking a poisonous beverage offered by Kao Kan, Indy demands that Lao Che hand over the antidode, threatening to hurt his trophy nightclub singer if he didn’t do so. Wu Han helps out by leveling a pistol at Lao Che, tactically hidden under his tray.

Unfortunately, Chen shoots first and kills Wu Han. Shortly thereafter, Indy avenges Wu Han by killing Chen with a flaming skewer.

This is a picture of Indy, Wu Han, and Short Round, which is very interesting since they were never pictured together. Considering that Indy obviously very quickly got over the death of his friend and loyal sidekick Wu Han, and Short Round does not even ask what happened to Wu Han (and it was Short Round who booked the plane tickets for the three of them), holding such little regard for others must have been the norm for these adventuring duo.

The Club Obi Wan ensemble. From left: Chen, Lao Che, Kao Kan, Tuxedo Indy, Wu Han, Red Dress Willie, Gong Striker, and the Cigarette Girl.

Custom Indy Figures – Major Gobler

Hi world, I’ve completed another Indy custom figure, one that had been in the plans for quite a while.

#59: Major Gobler from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

Major Gobler was personal assistant to Colonel Dietrich during the Nazis’ search for the Ark of the Covenant in Egypt. When Belloq’s excavations had so far yielded no success, it was Gobler who suggested interrogating Marion for more information on the possible location of the Ark. After Indy had destroyed the Flying Wing intended for delivering the Ark to Berlin, Colonel Dietrich orders the Ark to be transported by land to Cairo, and assigned Gobler to oversee the security detail. As part of the security escort, Major Gobler was driving a troop car when Indy hijacked the truck carrying the Ark. During the chase, Indy rammed Gobler’s troop car off a cliff, sending Gobler to his doom.

Head – Imperial Officer (“Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back”)
Torso, arms, legs, cap – German Soldier (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”)
Hands – Spare black gloved hands of Elsa Schneider (“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”)
Gun holster, and Luger – Colonel Vogel (“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”)

Major Gobler uses the same recipe and custom method as Colonel Dietrich, only that the head came from a different Imperial Officer. I had held off creating a custom Gobler until now as I wanted to do the customs of other characters which use different methods of custom work, and it felt rather repetative to do a Gobler custom so soon after I had completed the Colonel Dietrich figure.

The ammo straps on the German Soldier were sliced off, and epoxy was used to create a smooth layer over the uniform. Epoxy was also used to sculpt the collars, tie, buttons, and the eagle insignias on the right chest and cap. The ammo pouches on the belt were also sliced off, and Vogel’s gun holster was glued onto the belt. One notable difference between Dietrich and Gobler is that Dietrich’s pants is in dark yellow colour, while Gobler’s pants is in desert yellow. It always seemed to me that in the movie, perhaps due to the lighting, Gobler’s pants is slightly darker.

Toht, accompanied by Dietrich and Gobler, arrives to interrogate Marion.

Gobler drives a troop car as part of the security convoy.

For the sufficiently sharp-eyed:

I have mounted a more accurate 1:18 scale MG34 machine gun onto the troop car. The machine gun came with this Century Soldier German infantry figure. See below for the original gun which came with the troop car.

The original gun was seriously oversized, and it shoots a projectile.