Custom Indy Stuff – The Ark of the Covenant

Hmm… You might have caught a glimpse of it in a couple of my past entries (maybe here), but I haven’t actually gone about showcasing it, until now.

Among the deluxe figures released by Hasbro is “Indiana Jones with Ark”, which comes with Indiana Jones in Arab disguise, and the Ark of the Covenant.

Indiana Jones in Arab disguise, with the Ark. Except that Indy wasn’t wearing the Arab disguise during the Well of Souls scene, by then he was back in his full Indy garb.

I’ll just go straight to the Ark. I have touched-up the Ark so that it would look a little bit more screen accurate. Four rings have been added to the legs of the Ark, and they allow for two poles to slide through.

The rings were made from a ball point pen ink tube, and were painted gold. Similarly, orange and white patterning were painted on the poles.

Indy and Sallah carefully transport the Ark amongst the snakes.

Speaking of touch-up, I’ve also made further modifications to the Ark Crate.

Handles have been added to the sides of the crate, as well as pole holders along the corners. The pole holders are made of plastic file fasteners, painted gun metal.

Belloq and the German soldiers snap a photo before they load the Ark Crate onto the truck.

Wearing ceremonial robes, Belloq performs the arcane rites in preparation to open the Ark. The rocky base actually came with this R2-D2 set, which seemed rather apt as both the Tatooine scene and the Ark procession scene were filmed in the same Tunisian canyon.

Just one more:

The Ark ghosts inflict the wrath of God upon those who dare to open the Ark.

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