Sale at the Toy Outpost (PS) – ENDED and Thanks!

Hi guys, I’ve rented a display locker at Toy Outpost (Plaza Singapura Level 7), to do a little business of my own. My items are at Locker 12J. I’ll probably be renting until June or July. Do check it out!
[UPDATE – 31 July 2012: My sales have ended for this session, many thanks for your support!]

Items for sale:
The Dark Knight Movie Masters 6″ figures consisting of:
. “Joker as Gotham City Thug” SOLD!
. “Survival Suit Bruce Wayne” SOLD!
. “Scarecrow in suit” SOLD!
“Night Vision Batman” SOLD !
Marvel Universe “Colossus” SOLD!
Marvel Universe “Jean Grey” SOLD!
– Marvel Universe “Doctor Strange”
Marvel Universe “Spider-man 2099” SOLD!
– Marvel Universe “Yellowjacket with Ant-Man”
Marvel Universe “The Thing” SOLD!
Spider-man “Lizard” SOLD!
Spider-man “Stretch Strike Venom” SOLD!
Squatting Spider-man SOLD!
Iron Man 2 – “Weapon Assault Drone” SOLD!
Super Hero Squad – Iron Man “Genius of Tony Stark” SOLD!
Marvel Super Hero Showdown “Doctor Octopus” SOLD!
The sinister “M.O.D.O.K.”, from the 1990s Iron Man cartoons SOLD!
– Pirates of the Caribbean 4 – Captain Barbossa
– Pirates of the Caribbean 4 – Angelica
– DC Infinite Heroes – Cyborg
– G.I. Joe – Dusty
G. I. Joe – Roadblock SOLD!
– G. I. Joe – Major Bludd
– G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra – Baroness
The Dark Knight Rises – Movie Masters 6″ Bane SOLD!
The Dark Knight – 4″ Batman SOLD!
The Dark Knight – 5″ Deathstroke SOLD!
The Dark Knight – 5″ Firefly SOLD!
Batman Returns – 4.5″ Penguin SOLD!
Pez sticks – Batman, Joker, Riddler & Two-Face SOLD!
Predator 4″ figure SOLD!
DC Direct “Batzarro” SOLD!
MEGO “Captain Kirk” SOLD!
– Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes “Belloq with Ark”
McFarlane Movie Maniacs “Psycho Norman Bates” SOLD!
– Po the Kung Fu Panda
Star Trek MicroMachines – USS Enterprise-D SOLD!
– Star Trek MicroMachines – Deep Space Station K-7
– A couple of plastic animal figures
A wooden human figure SOLD!
– Star Wars – Ellorrs Madak
Star Wars – Jek Porkins SOLD!
– Star Wars – General Jan Dodonna
– Star Wars – Lt. Dannl Faytonni
Star Wars – Luke Skywalker (Dagobah fatigues) SOLD!
The Ultimate Soldier XD – 4″ D-Day US Infantry Sniper SOLD!
The Ultimate Soldier XD – 4″ D-Day US Machine Gunner SOLD!
Maisto – “1936 EL Knucklehead” 1:18 Harley Davidson model SOLD!
“Wing Commander 4: The Price of Freedom” PC CD-ROM game SOLD!
– “Wing Commander Prophecy – Gold Edition” PC CD-ROM game
– “Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation” PC CD-ROM game
– “Pandora’s Box” PC CD-ROM puzzle game
– “Top Spin 2” PC DVD-ROM game
– “Borat” DVD
– “Bruno” DVD
– A Mickey & Minnie Mouse “I’m in love” jigsaw puzzle all framed up
Nissan Fairlady Z car model SOLD!
A female blue-hair anime hugging a pink smiling face SOLD!
– A bottle of Woodspice Men’s Spray


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