Where’s my post-credit scene? Where’s my shawarma?

**Bet you can guess which movie I’m going to refer to in this rant. If not, read on!**

A couple of weeks back I went to watch “The Avengers” with my movie buddies. Being a Marvel Comics fan, the movie was a real treat as I get to see my favourite superheroes rendered in real-life physical forms. Especially since “The Avengers” is the cumulation of all the hype generated from the “Iron Man”, “Thor”, “Captain America”, and even “The Incredible Hulk” movies that Marvel had earlier released, in the anticipated build-up towards this ensemble piece.

And one feature of the Marvel superheroes movies is the inclusion of a post-credit scene, a bonus for those who decide to hang around after the main story has ended. So, after watching “The Avengers”, my friends wanted to leave as she thinks that the movie had already ended once the credits start. Fortunately, we waited until what I thought was the post-credit scene started to show after the main cast was listed, which had the big reveal who the real alien mastermind was.

Big bad guy, intrigued at the prospects of courting death.

As always, I had kept away from all the spoilers on the Internet until after I had watched the movie. So, it was only after I got home and when I surfed the Internet then I found that there was another post-credit scene, which appeared only after all the credits have listed. Needless to say, I was damned pissed at having missed out the extra scene and not having got my money’s worth for the movie ticket. You can catch this scene on Youtube here, and it has an interesting backstory.

Shortly thereafter, I got fed up of having to beg everytime I hope to watch a movie with them, so I’ve decided to catch up on the summer blockbusters all by myself.

Several movies later…

I was watching “The Amazing Spider-Man” when suddenly the projector went black. There was some technical difficulties, and everyone waited almost half an hour for the movie to come back online. But they simply couldn’t get the movie back to exactly that interrupted scene, instead it was jumping to a scene before, much AFTER, before again… until finally it was close enough. After the movie, the cinema people gave everyone, including me, a complimentary ticket as compensation for all our troubles.

By this time, I have already watched all the movies that I was interested in for now, and I was undecided on what other movie to watch using my complimentary ticket. And then out of the blue, it was announced that there would be a rerun of “The Avengers”. Guess which movie I decided on. That right! I’ve got a free ticket and I am going to use it to correct a grevious mistake that was made. So, I rushed down from work, had a quick dinner, and made it to the cinema in time to watch “The Avengers”, again!

Great show, and the credits started rolling. I sure ain’t gonna miss the post-credit scene on the big screen this time round. The last of the credits rolled, but instead, what???

The big red MARVEL logo comes up, and the screen fades to black. The lights came on, and the ambient cinema music started playing. WTF? Where’s the post-credit scene? Where’s my shawarma? This is a conspiracy, man. The shawarma scene had been totally removed, it is a sacrilege! And it did not make any sense to me, the whole wide world got to see this extra scene which should be present in every print, except for some reason not in the one I’m watching here.  It’s as though the universe is playing some kind of cosmic joke on me, I thought that I had been given a chance to fix a mistake that was inadvertently made, when in fact nothing could have been done, as the post-credit scene was probably not there in the first place. D’oh! If anyone is able to shed more light on this incident, please do.

 Not a very accurate depiction of the extra scene, but hey. At least the Hulk knows how I feel.
And if you really want to know where the table and chairs come from, click here.

This logo is here purely for FB purposes.

[UPDATE 22th December 2012: The decidedly unofficial internet movie database suggests that the post-credit “Shawarma” scene was added only in the US release of the movie, and not in the international release. So I guess the whole wide world didn’t get to see the extra scene after all. Dang.]

One Response to Where’s my post-credit scene? Where’s my shawarma?

  1. that’s crazy, its such a charming scene check out my review http://amandalovesmovies.com/2012/05/15/the-avengers

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