Custom Indy Figures – Fedora

I’m back! Here’s another custom Indiana Jones figure that I’ve created:

#66: Fedora from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”

fedoraIn 1912, Fedora and his gang of grave robbers were hired by Panama Hat to loot an ancient tomb in the dry lakes of Utah. Fedora had just uncovered his prize, the Cross of Coronado, and was digging for more treasures with his gang when they suddenly noticed that a Boy Scout had sneaked in and stolen the Cross away. Fedora and his gang pursued the Boy Scout onto a circus train, where during a confrontation, Fedora was bemused by the Boy Scout’s intention to donate the Cross to the local museum. The Boy Scout then made his escape with the artifact, but in the end he was forced to surrender it back to Fedora, thanks to the Sheriff being in cahoots with Panama Hat. Fedora’s gang got their payment for their looting services, but Fedora was sufficiently impressed by Indy’s spunk that he gave Indy his hat as a consolation.

Head – Templeton “Face” Peck (“The A-Team”)
Rest of the figure – Either the Indy from “Raiders”, or Indy from KOTCS
Hat – Indy from KOTCS


Fedora is a fairly straightforward custom. I had a “Face” head lying around ever since I used the rest of the torso for this figure, and when I had recently acquired several Indy figures for custom fodder, I decided to customise a Fedora figure. Soon enough I realised that “Face” best resembled Fedora, especially with that unshaven look. The jacket was painted black, and the whip holder on the holster belt was trimmed off. Actually, Fedora’s jacket is much longer onscreen (it even obscures his gun holster such that you never see it), and the shirt collar is different too. So I’m employing some artistic licence here.

P1090550Young Indy: “It belongs in a museum!”
Fedora: “Yadda, yadda, yadda…”

P1090549Fedora awards Indy with his hat.

Note: The script for “Last Crusade” suggests that Fedora’s actual name is “Garth”, while an early draft alludes to Fedora being Indy’s mentor, Abner Ravenwood, who was first mentioned in “Raiders”.

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