Awesome Toy Collection – Year End Showhand 2012

Hello everyone! Glad to see that we have all survived the Mayan apocalypse, and so now at the end of 2012, I’m showcasing some of my acquisitions for the year. On with the show!

P1090554I have bought four other Gotham City Thugs from “The Dark Knight” Movie Masters figures to complete my set of five Gotham Thugs with each showing its individual mask.

P1090558A couple more Nolanverse Batman Movie Masters figures: The Joker in Honor Guard Disguise, another Batman, Prototype Suit Batman, and Lt. Jim Gordon.

P1090555And now we go to “The Dark Knight Rises” figures! I have acquired a complete set of figures, which includes: Batman, Alfred, GCPD Blake, Bane, Ra’s Al Ghul, Jim Gordon, and two Catwoman (one with goggles up, and the other goggles down). For some reason the packaging on the local releases lack the words “Build a projecting Bat-signal! Collect & connect piece included.”

Here’s a two-pack Batman vs. Bane.

And what is this “The Dark Knight Rises” item?

It’s Bruce Wayne and his Batsuit vault! Yeah.

Here’s a 1:18 Camo Tumbler, one of the vehicles commandeered by Bane when he took over Gotham City.

P1090561Hot Wheels had released a new range of Batman vehicles in conjunction with “The Dark Knight Rises”, and I have been sufficiently inspired to collect a couple of them, as well as look for some of the vehicles from the previous range released by Hot Wheels a couple of years back. The ones in the above picture shows the vehicles from “Batman”, “Batman Returns”,  and the Batmobiles from “Batman Forever” and “Batman & Robin”.

P1090562The recent airing of the rather campy 1960s “Batman” TV series on Syfy had also inspired me to collect vehicles from the show. Here we have: Batmobile, Batcycle, Batboat, and Batcopter. Chiming in the Batman theme **Batman, Batman**…

P1090563And of course, the vehicles from the Nolanverse Batman Trilogy:
Black Tumbler, Camo Tumbler, Bat-Pod, and The Bat.

Here’s an interesting find: “Army of Darkness” 4-inch figures – Splitting Ash & Deadite.
“Army of Darkness” is a 1992 dark fantasy movie which had since gained a cult following.

JLU figures – Aquagirl, Future Static, and Micron

P1090567G.I. Joe – Spirit Iron-Knife

P1090564And a couple of loose figures to round up this entry: Dark Trooper from the “Star Wars: Dark Forces” video game. G.I. Joe figures – Deep Six, Shipwreck, and a Red Ninja from the upcoming movie “G.I. Joe Retaliation” And from Marvel Universe: a SHIELD agent ! And finally Spider-man and his amazing friends – Firestar and Iceman !

So here’s goodbye to 2012, and Hello to 2013!


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