Custom Indy Figures – U-Boat Captain

Hello world, here’s my first post for 2013.

Showcasing my most recent custom Indiana Jones figure, a minor character from “Raiders” :

#67 – U-Boat Captain from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

P1090570In 1936, while conducting operations in the Mediterranean Sea, the Captain of the German U-boat U26 received orders to intercept the freighter Bantu Wind and take on a mysterious cargo in a wooden crate. The U26 then proceeded to a secret island base where the mysterious cargo was unloaded. The U-boat Captain looked on as Colonel Dietrich questioned Belloq on the necessity of conducting the Jewish ritual to open the Ark of the Covenant.

Head and skirt – Admiral Ozzel (“Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back”)
Torso and legs – Mutt Williams with snake from KOTCS
Arms – Any of the jacket Indiana Jones
Hat – Came from a Century Soldier German Officer

The head for the U-boat Captain comes from Admiral Ozzel as the two characters were protrayed by the same actor. Incidentally, an earlier custom of mine, Der Führer, also uses the same head as he was also portrayed by the same actor in “Last Crusade”. The captain’s jacket was sculpted by first fitting the skirt onto the torso, and then covering the entire torso and skirt with a thick layer of epoxy. Epoxy was then used to sculpt the scarf, lapels and buttons. The jacket was then painted black, with the buttons painted gold.

Close-up of the U-boat Captain.

Reference pictures: A production photo from “Raiders” (left), and a screen capture (right).
Production photo courtesy of

There was a question of whether the captain’s jacket was dark blue or black, and the submarine pen scene was too dark with the Captain too far in the background for me to see clearly the jacket’s colour. It is also not known whether if there was an eagle insignia on the jacket’s right chest. The historical photos of U-boat crews that I found on the Internet suggests that the jackets sometimes had the insignia and sometimes it didn’t. I therefore decided on the combination of black colour for the jacket without the eagle insignia.

P1090576Belloq and Colonel Dietrich debate on opening the Ark while Toht and the U-boat Captain look on. Unknown to them all, Indy had sneaked onto the island and was spying on them from behind.

Note: An Indiana Jones role-playing game sourcebook identifies the U-boat Captain as Oskar Schomburg, who was the captain of the actual U26 in 1938 and 1939.

2 Responses to Custom Indy Figures – U-Boat Captain

  1. funkpopper says:

    Maybe you can make a Mohler (Tall Captain) one next.

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