Custom Indy Figures – Peruvian Porter

I’m back! And this time I’m showcasing another custom Indiana Jones figure that I had created.

#68 – Peruvian Porter from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

peruvian_guideIn 1936, Indiana Jones arrived in Peru in search of an ancient Chachapoyan golden idol. Indy hired the services of local guides Satipo and Barranca, and a couple of Peruvian porters to carry their supplies. The expedition then proceeded deep into the Peruvian jungle, with Indy using a map which led the way to the Chachapoyan temple. However, the Peruvian porters proved to be less than enthusiastic about finding treasure, when all of them fled at the sight of a particularly scary-looking Chachapoyan statue.

Head – A World Peacekeepers Soldier with helmet
Torso – Either one of the Mutt Williams (KOTCS)
Arms – RPG Indy (KOTCS)
Upper legs – Any of the Indiana Jones
Lower legs – They’re actually the lower arms of a Cairo Henchman (Raiders)
Shoes – Cemetary Warrior (KOTCS)
Poncho – Anakin Skywalker (“Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones”)

The Peruvian Porter is one of the many custom figures that people had made and showcased on the Indiana Jones forum where I always lurk, and I have been sufficiently inspired to make one of my own, for him to join my awesome ranks of Indy figures. But first I had to find the parts. I found that the head of a helmet-wearing World Peacekeepers soldier is suitable for making the Porter, as I can easily convert the helmet into the shape of the Andean hat (known locally as the “chullo”). The helmet was first dremeled down to break its shape, then epoxy was used to sculpt the new shape of the hat, with a plastic stud added for the hat’s tip.


Ideally, I would have used the lower legs of an Ugha Warrior for the Peruvian Porter (dubbed “Guido” on one of the forum’s post), similar to the method used for making Barranca. However, the Ugha Warrior can no longer be found here. So I had to improvise, and with some imagination I figured that the lower arms of the Cairo Henchman (or for that matter, the Cairo Swordsman as well, since they are of the same sculpt), can be re-purposed and made into a pair of lower legs, by cutting off the hands, and dremeling sockets to fit in the shoes. Although this does result in a shorter figure. The remaining significant part of the custom work involved painting the poncho and the hat.

P1090590“Guido” clears the path through the thick Peruvian jungle with his machete.

P1090599Moments before disaster.

P1090600“Guido” sees the Chachapoyan statue and got so freaked out by it that he turned tail and ran away, screaming for his dear life.

2 Responses to Custom Indy Figures – Peruvian Porter

  1. lance quazar says:

    Hey, there. I’m a forum member at the raven with the initials LQ. Wow. I stumbled onto your site here and I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the extraordinary quality of your (vast, vast) collection of custom Indy figures.

    Bravo!!! Each one a masterpiece! What an extraordinary achievement!!! I had the pleasure of going back and back into your archives to see all of your work to date.

    Keep up the exceptional work! And you should consider posting these pics on the Raven or on one of the many action figure website forums that showcase customs (rebelscum, yakface, etc.)

    Holy cow, what wonderful work!!!

    • Tommy Lin says:

      Hi, thanks for your kind words of encouragement! I was inspired by the many custom Indy figures featured at the Raven forum, and it is quite fun to create new figures through the clever use of existing parts.

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