Custom Indy Figures – Palace Dinner Willie

Hi everyone, here’s a custom that I made, just to round up the Palace Dinner diorama from “Temple of Doom”.

#70 – Palace Dinner Willie from “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”

palace_dinner_willieArriving at Pankot Palace, Willie Scott was impressed by the luxury and opulence, and for the royal dinner Willie wore a stunning gold laced sari which was provided to her by the palace, leading Indy to comment that she looked “like a princess”. Willie then looked forward to meeting the Maharaja of Pankot, and possibly become of the Maharaja’s acquaintance, especially upon learning that the Maharaja has not yet taken a wife. That was until the Maharaja arrived and Willie saw that he was still a kid, although Short Round suggested that the Maharaja may “like older women” anyway.

The whole figure – Comes from Willie Scott (“Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”)
Lower arms – Monkey Man (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”)
Hands – Marion Ravenwood (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”)

The original Hasbro Willie Scott figure was based on her appearance during the sacrificial scene, during which Willie was dressed in an all-white sari. As I had already created Palace Dinner Indy and Captain Blumburtt in dress uniform, the fact that I am still using the original Willie figure for the Palace Dinner scene “simply didn’t felt right”. What the heck, since I already do have the parts, I decided to create a custom Willie Scott figure based on her likeness at the Palace Dinner.

P1090765And it was a simple enough custom. The white veil was replaced with a fabric of a suitably goldish colour, the original bare lower arms were replaced with long sleeved arms. And the entire figure was then painted in gold. A little bit of yellow was mixed with the gold paint to make it look shinier. That’s it.

P1090733The royal photographer takes a picture of the invited guests before the dinner began.
From left: Captain Blumburtt, Willie Scott, Indiana Jones, and Short Round.

Willie is about to get grossed out by the “Chilled Monkey Brains”.

Just one more:

P1090788It’s been a while, and since I have reached my 70th (plus) custom Indy figure, I think it’s high time I snapped an updated picture of my customs.

Just another one more:

I realised that I have yet to take a group picture of my set of original Hasbro Indiana Jones figures. Voila!