Awesome Toy Collection: More Predators

For some reason, my Aliens vs. Predator figures (showcased here, here and here) draws some of the top views on my blog. Over the past year I have acquired several more Aliens vs. Predator figures, from collectors who were selling off their collection at the local CSC toy flea market. For this blog, I’ll be presenting my updated Predator collection.

First, a recap of previously showcased figures.

P1100030“Ambush Predator”, “Scavage Predator”, “Cracked Tusk Predator”, “Renegade Predator”

And now we go to my new Predator additions!

“Stalker Predator”, “Nightstorm Predator”, “Lava Planet Predator”, “Spiked Tail Predator”

“Lasershot Predator”, “Predator Clan Leader”, “Scavage Predator (white)”

Of interesting note: Some Predator figures share the same sculpt, such as “Cracked Tusk” and “Lava Planet Predator”, or “Ambush” and “Renegade”, or “Scavage”, “Nightstorm” and “White Scavage”.

Usually, I’m on the lookout for loose AvP figures, preferably those with little damage and still with their accessories. Unfortunately, the previous owner of “White Scavage Predator” had already lost the accessories. Even so, “White Scavage” would have had the same accessories as “Scavage” and “Nightstorm”, only in a different colour.

The “Predator Clan Leader” was in need of some repair as his plastic dreadlocks had grown brittle over the years and were already broken at several sections. In fact, I had on one occasion found a “Predator Clan Leader” still sealed in its packaging, but it’s dreadlocks were already broken nonetheless. I do not recommend activating the Predator Clan Leader’s mechanism as it swings the dreadlocks, which risks breaking them. I also advise against clipping on his mask as it directly latches onto the dreadlocks.

Predators unmasked.

And I wonder, what’s the story behind “Lava Planet Predator”? He’s not really made of molten lava, is he? Even with his cloaking device activated he should be invisible, similar to “Ambush Predator”. Must have been some hunt on the lava planet, huh.