Custom Indy Figures – Revisiting Figures Part 1

After creating quite a number of custom Indiana Jones figures, I have decided to revisit a couple of my earlier customs, some of which I felt were either done rather poorly, or were still lacking in certain details. After all, I had developed my custom skills over time and now I feel confident of applying the changes I had in mind.

Revisit 01 – Indiana Jones in German soldier disguise (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

revisit01_indyThe original figure (left), and the revisited figure (right). I have repainted the belt pouches to dark green, and the belt buckle to metal colour, to better match the actual onscreen appearance.

Revisit 02 – Marion in white dress (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

revisit02_marionI have replaced Marion’s arms (which originally came from Mutt Williams), with that of Leesub Sirln, so now Marion looks considerably more feminine.

Revisit 03 – Marcus Brody (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)

revisit03a_marcusbI’ve finally gotten around to paint the stripes on Brody’s tie, and also added a handkerchief in his chest pocket. Previously, Brody’s head and neck were in one piece and were simply pasted onto the torso, with no articulation whatsoever. This seemed rather crude, so I decided to reattach the original neck and instead dremel hollow the head, such that Brody’s head can now swivel. I’ve also restored the original Last Crusade Indy’s legs so that Brody now has more leg articulation. Yeah!


Revisit 04 – Jock Lindsey (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

revisit04_jocklA minor change for Jock, I have replaced the original feet (which originally came from Monkey Man with the sandal straps dremeled off), with the actual bare feet of an Ugha Warrior which I happened to have available as leftover custom fodder.

Revisit 05 – Satipo (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

revisit05_satipoI had mentioned about the changes made to Satipo before and I’ll do it again here. I had acquired a plastic cast head of the Satipo prototype figure, to replace the original head (which belonged to a Star Wars Clone trooper). Additional lapels, shoulder straps, and pockets were sculpted onto the jacket, and the jacket had been repainted from yellow-green to buff.

And yes, I was using a crappy camera back then.


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