Custom Indy Figures – Revisiting Figures Part 2

Here’s part 2 of revisiting my custom Indiana Jones figures.

Revisit 06 – Tuxedo Indy (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)

revisit06_tuxindyShortly after I had created Tuxedo Indy, I developed a new method of creating a bowtie by sculpting epoxy onto a bowtie-shaped piece of paper, a method which was then applied on all subsequent bowtie figures. So I decided to revisit Tuxedo Indy to redo his bowtie. The previous bowtie did not look as prominent as the new one.

Revisit 07 – Captain Simon Katanga (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

revisit07_katangaKatanga was one of my early customs, and I wasn’t very happy with it. The head and neck were in one piece and it was just crudely pasted onto the torso, with the seams covered up by epoxy sculpted to shape like the turtleneck collar. Therefore the head doesn’t turn. Also, the badge on the hat was printed from a screen capture and it looked more like a smudge. To address all these issues, I decided to create an all-new Katanga figure.

The head of a more recent Mace Windu was used for Katanga. And this time round, the badge was designed on computer so that it now looks more detailed. In addition, a small metal ring was added to Katanga’s right wrist, to serve as a pair of bangles as seen onscreen. The pants were now painted in dark yellow, which I feel is more screen accurate.

Revisit 08 – Alex Beresford-Hope (Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods)

revisit08_abhopeI had decided to sell off my G.I. Joe Hard Master & Snake Eyes twin-pack as I wasn’t really appreciating it much, and so I’ve replaced Alex’s head with that of Marvel Universe Professor X.

Revisit 09 – Adolf Hitler (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)

revisit09_hitlerWhen I first created the figure, I was using Dovchenko’s skirt, which meant that the lower half of Hitler’s uniform actually belonged to a Soviet Army uniform. Not only it wasn’t historically accurate, but also that skirt didn’t really match up with the torso above as their sizes were slightly different. Therefore, I’ve decided to replace Hitler’s skirt with the original one that came with the Colonel Vogel figure, this time transferring Dovchenko’s belt buckle over to the figure. I had already taken out the gun holster and used it for one of my German officers. But this had led me to check and confirm a few details that I had suspected. In “Last Crusade”, you can’t really see whether if Hitler wore a gun holster. And after doing some image searches on the Internet, I concluded that Hitler never wore a gun holster with his uniform. Why would Hitler even need a gun? He probably always had his legions of SS bodyguards wherever he went.

And I’ve also taken the opportunity to straighten Hitler’s military cap, it was off-angled.

Revisit 10 – Major Nadia Kirov (Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix)

revisit10_nadiakAnd what do I do with Dovchenko’s skirt? I’ve cut out the gun holster and gave it to Soviet Major Nadia Kirov. The Soviet-style gun holster is much more accurate than that cowboy Indy gun holster originally used.


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