Custom Marvel Universe Figures – Master Man & Warrior Woman

Here’s a couple of custom Marvel Universe figures that I had done quite a while back, but I’ve haven’t gotten around to showcasing them until now.

The Nazis’ Master Man !
master_manIn response to the creation of Captain America, the Nazis develop their version of the super-soldier serum, and create their very own super-soldier, Master Man! Wearing a costume emblazoned with the swastika symbol, Master Man proved to be quite the match when he first fought against Captain America and his team of Allied superheroes, the Invaders. That was until it was revealed that Master Man’s powers were only temporary, and with his strength ebbed out of him, Master Man was soundly defeated. A couple of issues later, a revitalised Master Man (now having considerably more permanent powers) returned to fight the Invaders, and remained as a perennial foe for the rest of the series.

Head – Duke (G.I. Joe Renegades)
Torso, arms – Piledriver (Marvel Universe)
Waist, legs – Bulldozer (Marvel Universe)
Belts – Any of the Indiana Jones

Following my interest in Captain America, I had acquired a set of Invaders collected volumes, and I thought of creating a couple of customs to compliment my awesome Marvel Universe collection. After reading through the comics, I decided upon the two characters that I know that I can find the parts to create: Master Man and Warrior Woman! For Master Man, I chose to use Duke’s head since he looked Aryan enough. The symbol was printed and pasted on, one in front and one behind.

The Nazis’ Warrior Woman !
warrior_womanWarrior Woman was a female Nazi agent who had captured and interrogated an Allied soldier suspected of knowing the secret of the super-soldier serum used to create Captain America. In an attempt to recreate the serum, a laboratory accident resulted in an explosion that empowered her with superhuman strength. Eager to serve the Third Reich with her new powers, Warrior Woman donned an outfit befitting her stature and proceeded to help Master Man fight and defeat the Invaders, resulting in their capture by the Nazis.

Head – Hoth outfit Leia (Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back)
Torso, arms, legs – Mary Jane Watson (Marvel Universe)
Belts – Any of the Indiana Jones
High heels – Baroness (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra)

Warrior Woman had a very unique hairstyle which looks like a braid hairband, and it took me quite a while to realize that the only other figure who had exactly the same hairstyle was Princess Leia from The Empire Strikes Back. In order to make Warrior Woman look angrier, I have repainted her eyebrows, giving them a pointed arch. A pair of high heels was transplanted over from the Baroness, and glossy black acrylic was used to paint Warrior Woman’s black leather outfit, gloves and those boots.

And that’s symbolism for you!

Master Man fights Captain America and Bucky.

Warrior Woman knocks out Bucky, and throws Captain America off the cliff!

And yeah, she uses a whip too!

P1110038Hitler was impressed by Warrior Woman’s might and skills, and the first order Hitler gave to Warrior Woman was…. to immediately get married with Master Man and become the progenitors of a new Aryan race. This idea totally disgusted Warrior Woman since she regarded Master Man as a big blundering oaf, but she remained obedient to the Führer and reluctantly followed his command. Here is a snapshot of the wedding ceremony, presided by Hitler, with special camoes by the Red Skull, and Baron Zemo, both of whom are no doubt furious at having been pulled away from their usual routine of evil plotting and scheming in order to attend the event.

In celebration of the joyous occasion, Hitler orders the execution of the captured Invaders…

…that was until Union Jack gatecrashed the party and freed his friends.

The Invaders fight their way out of the ensuing melee.

Just one more:

One of the more truly bizzare encounters ever to happen in Marvel history…


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