Awesome Toy Collection – Year End Showhand 2013

Hey! It’s the end of the year, and I’ve been busy, working like mad. It’s been all quiet on the custom front, all quiet on the ranting front too. Actually, I’ve just been too preoccupied to post more of my custom figures, and similarly I have the germ of an idea for another rant and a bit more needs to be fleshed out for that too. So at year’s end, here’s something simple – showcasing some items from my awesome toy collection that I had acquired either over the course of the year or even earlier. This is easy enough.

P1110051aMarvel Universe – Thanos and Adam Warlock

P1110054aMartian Soldier from “Mars Attacks!”

P1110055aT-700 Terminator from “Terminator: Salvation”

P1110056aRobocop. Do not be deceived – apart from his shoulders, ankles and neck, all his other joints do not move.

From “Man of Steel” – The Kryptonian Invasion 5-pack which consists of:
Superman, Superman in armour, Jor-El, General Zod, and Namek

P1110053More from “Man of Steel” – General Zod in armour, and unshaven Zod

P1110057aA couple of “Green Lantern” figures. For some reason, none of the other alien Green Lanterns appealed to me and so I’ve only collected these. From left: Max Charge Hal Jordan, an Oa Guardian, unmasked Hal, Green Lantern Hal, Sinestro, Abin Sur, and Test Pilot Hal at the back.

P1110058Heroes from the DC movies: Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman

And if the internet rumours that I’ve been reading have any basis in fact…

Someone new is coming to town.

P1110060Back to Marvel. By some miracle I’ve found a variant Captain America, the unmasked Captain Steve Rogers! (center). And I’ve also bought a loose Nick Fury (right), another “Avengers” figure. On the left is the unmasked War Machine aka Colonel James Rhodes, a cancelled figure from the “Iron Man 2” series. I thought I’d acquire Rhodey while he is still available, as part of another showcase that I’m still working on, which will feature yet another unmasked figure ;)

Just one more:

Here’s my own personal take on how did Nick Fury got his eyepatch.

The scars do match up.

And with that, I bid adieu to 2013. Hello 2014!