Custom Indy Figures – Colonel Vogel v2.0 & Grail Search Elsa

Hi world! My first post for 2014, and thought I start off with an Indiana Jones custom showcase.

Some technical issues first. I had previously created two customs which I did not assign any numbering, Colonel Vogel v2.0 and Young Indy v2.0, reasons being that I felt the changes made were so marginal that they didn’t look all too different to their original figures. But so as not to cause any further confusion to both myself and everyone else, I have hereby decided to regard both Vogel v2.0 and Young Indy v2.0 as all-new customs, receiving a number just as my other Indy customs. This will clarify exactly how many Indy custom figures that I had made. Which means Young Indy v2.0 is at…

#74 – Young Indy v2.0 from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”
[Please click to view Young Indy v2.0 which was showcased on January 20, 2012]

Now on with the showcase!

#75 – Colonel Vogel v2.0 from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”

75_vogel_v2The Nazis are now in the last leg of their quest for the Holy Grail, with Colonel Vogel leading the Nazi expedition into the Canyon of the Crescent Moon. When Indiana Jones shows up and tries to disrupt their efforts, Vogel relished in the opportunity to finally get rid of that irritating troublemaker, who had not only caused the deaths of Vogel’s fellow SS colleagues back at Castle Brunwald, but Indy had also humiliated Vogel by throwing him off the Zeppelin. Revenge was the only thing on Vogel’s mind, with him going so far as to blast a stuck kübelwagen off the tank’s turret just so that he could continue his pursuit of Indy. This time it’s personal.

The whole figure – Colonel Vogel (“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”)
Goggles – Borrowed from AT-AT Commander (“Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back”)

Two main changes were made to the figure. The Nazi insignia was painted onto the previously blank armband, and a pair of goggles was added to the military cap.

P1110070aClose-up of Colonel Vogel.

The fight goes onto the tank, and Vogel grabs a nearby shovel.

An alternate head for Vogel! Indy bashes Vogel against the gun turret, and Vogel gets all bloodied and bruised.

And one more figure from “Last Crusade”

#76 – Grail Search Elsa from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”

76_grail_elsaHired by the Nazis’ in their quest to find the Holy Grail, Elsa would stop at nothing to obtain what she considers is her rightful prize, going so far as to manipulate the affections of Dr. Henry Jones Sr., and later also doing the same to his son Indiana Jones. And her efforts had paid off, the Nazis now know where the Holy Grail is located and an expedition has embarked towards the Canyon of the Crescent Moon. As Colonel Vogel and his men ward off an attack by Indy, Elsa and Donovan proceeded towards the Grail Temple, where Donovan can’t wait to have his drink and gain eternal life.

The whole figure – Elsa Schneider (“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”)
Field cap – From any “The Ultimate Soldier XD 1:18” WWII German Soldier who comes with a field cap.

The original Elsa figure was based on her appearance towards the end of the movie, when she had already taken off her field cap. Elsa wore her field cap during the canyon scene and at the Grail Temple. The only change made to Elsa was the addition of a field cap. This involved slicing off the top of Elsa’s hair, and transplanting the field cap over.

Close-up of Elsa, with a pair of goggles borrowed from Lord Asriel (“The Golden Compass”).

Elsa and Donovan confer on their progress.

Face off at the Grail Temple.

Some people actually speculate that Elsa also screwed around with these other two.

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