Awesome Toy Collection – Indiana Jones MicroMachines

Here’s my recent purchase from eBay:

Indiana Jones MicroMachines, originally released in 1995.

Back picture

I first saw the “Indiana Jones MicroMachines” set years ago back at a movie memorabilia shop called “Entertainment Reality” aka “E.R.”, which was located in Holland Village but now no longer exists. Guess I wasn’t that big of an Indiana Jones fan back then so I didn’t buy it (I was more into Star Trek at that time). And I’ve haven’t seen that set on sale since. So I’ve recently decided to buy the “Indiana Jones MicroMachines” set from an eBay seller when I found the price agreeable.

The set consists of the following vehicles:

From “Raiders of the Lost Ark” –
(1) Pontoon Bi-plane
(2) Pan Am Clipper Plane
(3) Flying Wing
(4) German Staff Car


From “Temple of Doom” –
(5) Duesenberg
(6) Ford Trimotor Plane
(7) Mine Car with figures


From “The Last Crusade” –
(8) Wooden Motor Boat
(9) Zeppelin with Bi-plane
(10) German Tank


And there’s a bonus figure – Indy with hat and whip


The blurb at the back of the box goes like this:

“High in the Himalayas, deep in the jungles of South America, and over the burning sands of the Middle East, lurk danger and intrigue. Indiana Jones, famous archaeologist and adventurer, braves evil enemies and diabolical traps to find and protect ancient relics! Relive the excitement from the movie trilogy with these cool miniature figures and vehicles and create your own adventures for Indy. Just keep him away from snakes!”

Methinks that I’ll leave the Indiana Jones MicroMachines safely where they are, in their box.

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