Awesome Toy Collection – More Aliens and Predators

Hi world! I’ve been toy hunting, and I’ve found more Aliens and Predators to add to my awesome collection!

“Blue Warrior Alien”

P1110114Actually the packaging calls it “Warrior Alien”, which is the same name as the alien from the twin pack “Warrior Alien vs. Renegade Predator”. Both aliens share the same sculpting, so I’m calling it “Blue Warrior Alien” to differentiate it from the black-coloured “Warrior Alien”.

I’ve also found two more Predators:

“Night Recon Predator” and “Warrior Predator”
Both were part of Kenner Aliens: Hive Wars series.

P1110112“Night Recon Predator” comes with only a knife, while “Warrior Predator” comes with a mask and staff.

While surfing the Internet for information on Kenner Predator figures, I came across this page which showcases unreleased Predator prototypes. Incidently, the page also gives the explanation that “Night Recon Predator” was a genetically engineered half-Predator half-Alien hybrid, which explains for his rather grotesque appearance.

Side view of “Night Recon Predator”. Check out the elongated head, reminiscent of Aliens.

And “Warrior Predator” has a movable mouth.

Also from the same website, here’s this page which has more information and test shots of Kenner Aliens figures.

An assembly of my collected Predator figures.

Based on, I think I may have actually collected almost all of the Kenner Predator figures, with at least one of every sculpt, save for a couple of repaint variants. Yeah!

Cheers to myself on my very first animated GIF.

Custom Indy Figures – Charles Stanforth

And this custom rounds up my current addition of KOTCS figures.

#81 – Charles Stanforth from “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

81_charles_stanforthCharles Stanforth was a friend of Indiana Jones, and he served as the Dean of Students of Marshall College where Indy taught at. In 1957, shortly after Indy’s escapade at Hangar 51, the FBI suspected that Indy was a communist sympathizer and sent agents to ransack Indy’s office. The Board of Regents were spooked into firing Indy, but Dean Stanforth stood up for Indy and managed to get the concession that Indy be put on indefinite leave with pay. Nonetheless Stanforth resigned in protest at the Board’s decision, “The regents were stunned into shamed silence” – as Stanforth puts it when he recalled what happened later at Indy’s house.

Head – Ric Olié (“Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace”)
Rest of the body, with the glasses – Henry Jones Sr. (“Last Crusade”)

I had held off creating a custom of Charles Stanforth for some time as I couldn’t find a Henry Jones Sr. figure on sale here until recently. Also, the original plan was to paint the figure using flat brown, an idea which I resisted as flat acrylic colours were particularly prone to growing moldy. In the end I decided to paint using glossy brown instead. Additional work includes dremeling the head, and painting the grey hair, red bowtie, and the black spectacle frames.

Indy gets the bad news from the Dean.

So who’s out of a job now?

And here’s a picture to mark the milestone of my 81st custom figure:

An assembly of KOTCS Hasbro figures and my customs.