Custom Indy Figures – Charles Stanforth

And this custom rounds up my current addition of KOTCS figures.

#81 – Charles Stanforth from “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

81_charles_stanforthCharles Stanforth was a friend of Indiana Jones, and he served as the Dean of Students of Marshall College where Indy taught at. In 1957, shortly after Indy’s escapade at Hangar 51, the FBI suspected that Indy was a communist sympathizer and sent agents to ransack Indy’s office. The Board of Regents were spooked into firing Indy, but Dean Stanforth stood up for Indy and managed to get the concession that Indy be put on indefinite leave with pay. Nonetheless Stanforth resigned in protest at the Board’s decision, “The regents were stunned into shamed silence” – as Stanforth puts it when he recalled what happened later at Indy’s house.

Head – Ric Olié (“Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace”)
Rest of the body, with the glasses – Henry Jones Sr. (“Last Crusade”)

I had held off creating a custom of Charles Stanforth for some time as I couldn’t find a Henry Jones Sr. figure on sale here until recently. Also, the original plan was to paint the figure using flat brown, an idea which I resisted as flat acrylic colours were particularly prone to growing moldy. In the end I decided to paint using glossy brown instead. Additional work includes dremeling the head, and painting the grey hair, red bowtie, and the black spectacle frames.

Indy gets the bad news from the Dean.

So who’s out of a job now?

And here’s a picture to mark the milestone of my 81st custom figure:

An assembly of KOTCS Hasbro figures and my customs.

3 Responses to Custom Indy Figures – Charles Stanforth

  1. Lance Quazar says:

    Tommy, just got caught up with all your AMAZING new Indiana Jones customs.

    Wow, I’m just blown away by your spectacular work – as usual. My favorite is definitely “Mystery of the Blues” Indy!

    Extraordinary work, all around.

    Drop me an email –

    would love to talk more in detail!

    • Tommy Lin says:

      Hi Lance, thanks for your compliments. I apologize for a rather late reply as I had been held up by work.
      In fact, I had just read your Indiana Jones photonovel posted on The Raven – “Indiana Jones and the Mayan Secret” chapters 1 & 2
      Great work! And the story’s exciting too! Looking forward to the next chapter.
      I lurk around the Raven forum, and sometimes I do post under the username “P Tom”.
      But I guess I just haven’t gotten around to posting my Indiana Jones customs on the Raven yet.

  2. Lance Quazar says:

    Tommy! Great to hear from you. No worries about the “late” reply. Work and life take precedence over toy talk, of course! :)

    Hey, thanks for checking out the Indy photnovel. Thanks for the kind words. I really need to get cracking on the next installment!

    The collecting section of the Raven forums (especially the custom thread) is pretty dead. Even on the rare occasion someone does post a figure.

    I’d recommend maybe posting also to Toy Ark and Rebelscum, if you have any interest in sharing your work with a larger segment of the collecting community.

    But, man, your stuff is just absolutely incredible! Keep up the phenomenal work!! You really are bringing the Indy-verse to life in plastic form!



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