Awesome Toy Collection – More Aliens and Predators

Hi world! I’ve been toy hunting, and I’ve found more Aliens and Predators to add to my awesome collection!

“Blue Warrior Alien”

P1110114Actually the packaging calls it “Warrior Alien”, which is the same name as the alien from the twin pack “Warrior Alien vs. Renegade Predator”. Both aliens share the same sculpting, so I’m calling it “Blue Warrior Alien” to differentiate it from the black-coloured “Warrior Alien”.

I’ve also found two more Predators:

“Night Recon Predator” and “Warrior Predator”
Both were part of Kenner Aliens: Hive Wars series.

P1110112“Night Recon Predator” comes with only a knife, while “Warrior Predator” comes with a mask and staff.

While surfing the Internet for information on Kenner Predator figures, I came across this page which showcases unreleased Predator prototypes. Incidently, the page also gives the explanation that “Night Recon Predator” was a genetically engineered half-Predator half-Alien hybrid, which explains for his rather grotesque appearance.

Side view of “Night Recon Predator”. Check out the elongated head, reminiscent of Aliens.

And “Warrior Predator” has a movable mouth.

Also from the same website, here’s this page which has more information and test shots of Kenner Aliens figures.

An assembly of my collected Predator figures.

Based on, I think I may have actually collected almost all of the Kenner Predator figures, with at least one of every sculpt, save for a couple of repaint variants. Yeah!

Cheers to myself on my very first animated GIF.


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