Green Lantern – The Photonovel

I’ve been on a DC charge lately, and I’ve decided to have a little fun by creating a short photonovel of the “Green Lantern” movie:

Abin Sur’s starship was attacked by an powerful entity, and his escape pod crash lands on Earth. Mortally wounded, his ring seeks out a replacement, the human named “Hal Jordan”.


Unless you are “He-Man”, you really shouldn’t be using this battle cry.


Hal Jordan is transported to the planet Oa, and gets trained by Tomar-Re and Kilowog.


Hal’s serious lack of competency only proves one point to Sinestro.


I’ll compress the story here: Hal “suddenly” finds the courage that he had always lacked, and he single-handedly takes on the evil entity when it decides to devour Earth.


The Green Lantern Corp all hail Hal Jordan for defeating the enemy.


And Hal Jordan then gears up for his next exciting adventures. (yeah right)


Meanwhile, in the far reaches of space…




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