Awesome Toy Collection – The Space Stuff

In celebration of the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, I’d like to showcase a couple of space theme toys that I have collected.

Here’s a big one – A Saturn V rocket model

P1110172The Saturn V rocket comes with an Apollo astronaut figure. The rocket itself can be disassembled into its three separate stages.

P1110188Saturn V rocket’s first stage, second stage, and the third stage. The third stage is connected to the command/service module and they are not separable.

P1110175Some Space MicroMachines here, from left: The Apollo command/service module, the Apollo lunar module, the lunar rover, and three astronauts.

P1110177The panel on the service module opens up, revealing its inner systems.

 P1110176More Space MicroMachines, from left: The Bell X-1, the Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, the Space Shuttle attached with the external fuel tank and booster rockets, and an astronaut. Bell X-1 is the world’s first supersonic airplane. The Space Shuttle is detachable, and can be mated with the Boeing 747. The astronaut wears a Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU), which seems weird since he’s not on a spacewalk but appears to be standing on the lunar surface.

P1110179Here’s an interesting find: A 1:18 scale lunar rover. And it is exquisitely detailed, even though I believe that it is a knock-off brand, the makers of this moon buggy had gone to great lengths when designing this toy.

P1110180And I’ve acquired an Apollo astronaut to accompany the moon buggy. The astronaut is a 4D puzzle which needs to be pieced together, and he is at 1:20 scale, which almost makes the astronaut compatible with the moon buggy.

P1110181This is how the Apollo astronaut fits onto the moon buggy.

P1110183Hot Wheels’ Mars Rover Curiosity, breaking new ground in the exploration of the red planet.

P1110184Space Stuff