Awesome Toy Collection – 1:18 WWII German Soldiers

Here I’m showcasing my awesome collection of 1:18 scale WWII German Soldiers. Actually, I was shopping around the local CSC toy flea market when I came across a seller who was selling off his 1:18 soldiers. And then I realized couldn’t remember whether if I already have some of the figures that were on sale, as I had been acquiring figures from both the flea market and online. So this showcase will serve as a useful reference.

Most of the 1:18 WWII soldiers come under the brands such as “21st Century Toys” (under their “The Ultimate Soldier X.D.” line), “JS International”, “Dragon Models”, and a couple of others. Many of these lines have already been discontinued for years.

Here’s the first batch, which I’m going to refer to as the “JS-INT series”:
P1120179From left: German Officer, German Panzer Grenadier, German Machine Gunnner, German Infantry, German MP-44 Soldier, German Tank Crewman

This set of six German soldiers were apparently released by “JS International Limited” under the “Century Soldier” series. Their website had long gone defunct, but here’s an Internet Archive snapshot of the webpage which had once featured these figures. An online search reveals that these figures were previously released under “The Ultimate Soldier X.D. – World War II” series, which provided the names for the figures, for the first five anyway. The blue uniform figure is of a smaller size when compared with the others, which suggests that he may not have originated from the same source.

The second batch, which I refer to as the “Fallschirmjager” Series
P1120181From left: Major Von Schnitzel, Sergeant Jaeger, Private Krieger, Lance Corporal Mayer, Private Keitel

I bought this set from an online seller. They belong to “The Ultimate Soldier X.D.” line, under the “Fallschirmjager” Series. There’s also a sixth figure in this series, a “Corporal Wenzel”, who was not available. “Fallschirmjager” is the German word for paratroopers.

Batch no. 3: “Ardennes Infantry” Series
P1120197From left: “Closed long coat”, “Open long coat”, “Tanker winter uniform”

These three figures belong to the “Ardennes Infantry” series from “The Ultimate Soldier X.D.”. Note that the names are the actual designations as given on their cards. “Closed long coat” bears a strong resemblance to Pvt. Hugo Wolff from “Battle of the Bulge” series, but on closer inspection I confirmed that “Closed long coat” is a completely different figure, he does not have the black unit ribbon on his left sleeve, and his helmet is of a lighter green colour.

Batch No. 4: “Battle of the Bulge” Series
P1120196From left: Cpl. Fritz Schuster, “Tanker camo uniform”

An online check shows that Cpl. Fritz Schuster belongs to the “Battle of the Bulge” series, but he is also packaged together with the 1:18 PAK 40 gun. I’m grouping “Tanker camo uniform” with this series as there are two another figures in this series who’s dressed up in the same camouflage scheme as him. I have my conjecture that “Tanker camo uniform” originally came with the 1:18 Panther Tank.

P1120198And if you look closely, you will find that “Tanker camo uniform” shares the same face as the German Officer from Batch no. 1.

Batch no. 5: “Wermacht” series
P1120199From left: Lt. Ludwick Odheim, Lt. Klaus Bucholtz

These two figures belong to the “Wermacht” series, whereby “Wermacht” is the name of the German Army. Lt. Klaus Bucholtz is an artillery crewman, he is carrying an artillery range finder.

Here’s a couple of figures which I haven’t assigned to any particular batch yet.
From left: Pvt. Joseph Dieffenbach of “DAK” series (aka the Afrika Korps), and a Messerschmitt Me-262 Pilot

Pvt. Dieffenbach is the only DAK figure I have collected thus far. The Me-262 Pilot originally came with the 1:18 Me-262, but I’ve bought him as a loose figure.

P1120200I have also acquired a Messerschmitt Bf-109 Pilot. Mint on card.

This is a set of four 1:18 German soldiers from “Dragon Models”, of the “Arnheim 1944 Panzergrenadier” series.
P1120201From left: “Squad Leader”, “Sharpshooter”, “Lead Scout”, “Rifleman”

Here are some comparison pictures for size references.