Awesome Toy Collection: Babylon 5 MicroMachines

Hi world! Today I’d like to showcase my awesome Babylon 5 MicroMachines collection.

P1120848Yeah, it’s always cool to see a complete collection.

Babylon 5 is a science fiction TV series created by writer and producer J. Michael Straczynski, it ran for five seasons from 1993 to 1998. The Babylon 5 series also included several TV movies, a spin-off TV series (“Crusade”), and a direct-to-DVD movie (“Babylon 5: The Lost Tales”).

P1120858Front row: Babylon 5 Space Station, Star Fury, Babylon 5 Crew Shuttle
Back row: Earth Alliance Atmospheric Shuttle, Earth Force One

The blue colours on Babylon 5 had faded with age. I wonder whatever happened to NASA’s plans to build an actual Star Fury vehicle.

P1120859Centauri Transport (Berezebel), Centauri Passenger Ship

The name “Berezebel” is given on the cardback, it seems to refer to the name of the vessel.

P1120861Front row: Narn Fighter, Narn Transport (G’toth N’bah), Narn Heavy Dreadnought
Back row: Narn Heavy Cruiser

P1120856Minbari Flyer, Minbari Cruiser

It should be noted that these starship models are not necessarily at the same scale with respect to each other. For example, on the show the Minbari Flyer flies out from the port at the front of the Minbari Cruiser.

P1120857Vorlon Transport, Vorlon Cruiser

Vorlon spacecrafts are organic in nature and believed to be a type of symbiotic life form.

P1120855Green Ship, Raider Ship, “Marie Celeste”

“Marie Celeste” appears in the season 1 episode “Grail”, in which a character departs Babylon 5 on that ship.

IMG_3260aWill you like a trip onboard the “Marie Celeste”?

mmcard-922x788The Babylon 5 MicroMachines were released by Galoob back in 1996. Here’s a picture of the B5 MicroMachines cardback which I found online. It seems that I had not kept a cardback for my own reference. I was able to find and purchase sets 1, 2, 3 and 4. I never saw sets 5 and 6 on retail sale here in Singapore, and it was only recently that I bought them from a seller who was clearing his collection at the toy flea market.

You can imagine if Galoob had continued to produce spaceship models from Babylon 5. We could have seen the likes of the “White Star”, or even a “Shadow Vessel”. On the other hand, RPG companies had already been producing Babylon 5 miniature starships for years, and it depends on whether if you feel rich enough to collect them all. So here’s a (non-exhaustive) wishlist of more Babylon 5 starships:

  1. White Star
  2. Shadow Vessel
  3. Shadow fighter
  4. Shadow scout ship
  5. Babylon 4 Space Station
  6. Psi Corp Black Omega Stealth Star Fury
  7. Earth Alliance Thunderbolt fighter
  8. Earth Alliance Hyperion-class heavy cruiser
  9. Earth Alliance Nova-class dreadnought
  10. Earth Alliance Omega-class destroyer
  11. Earth Alliance Omega-class destroyer with Shadow tech upgrades
  12. Earth Alliance Asimov-class starliner
  13. Centauri Vorchan-class medium warship
  14. Centauri Primus-class battle cruiser
  15. Centauri Sentri-class medium fighter
  16. Minbari Nial-class heavy fighter
  17. Vorlon Planet Killer
  18. Drakh cruiser
  19. Drakh fighter
  20. “Excalibur”
  21. “Victory” (okay, it will look exactly the same as the “Excalibur” since they are of the same class)
  22. Techno-mage transport
  23. “Valen”
  24. “Liandra”
  25. Hand Servitor Vessel