Custom DC Infinite Heroes Figure – Aquaman

Here’s a custom which I had created some time back, you might have gotten a glimpse of him over here, but I’m showcasing him now – Aquaman !

From DC Comics, Aquaman is the Atlantean hero. The son of a human and an Atlantean queen, Aquaman had at various times either assumed the throne of King of Atlantis, or abdicated it to pursue his hero path. Aquaman has superhuman strengths, is able to breathe underwater, and with telepathy he talks to the fishes, summoning marine support when fighting against his formidable adversaries.

Head – Lexcorp Trooper (Blond Hair)
Torso and legs – Weather Wizard
Arms and belt – Mirror Master

Aquaman is a surprisingly simple kitbash. Mirror Master’s arms already comes in the required orange and green colours, while Weather Wizard’s green legs only needed painting the black trunks. For my custom I had painted orange over Weather Wizard’s torso. It may be possible to use Mirror Master’s orange torso, assuming you know how to remove the glue marks when removing his scarf and also not damage the torso too much when taking him apart. Mirror Master’s gun holsters were sliced off leaving only the belt, and an ‘A’ symbol was pasted on the belt.

Aquaman (center), made of parts from Mirror Master (left) and Weather Wizard (right).

And the recipe for custom Aquaman comes from this entry at Figure Realm customs.

After making his appearance in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice”, Aquaman will return in “Justice League” and helm his own solo movie thereafter. Oh, for the record, I had already created custom Aquaman before Jason Momoa was cast for the role, so Aquaman takes after his blond comic book appearance (and with both hands!).

Aquaman with trident borrowed from Marvel Legends Showdown Namor.

“Almighty Neptune !” – and the remote submersible bites the dust.