Custom DC Infinite Heroes Figure – The Riddler

Hi world! Here’s a Batman villain whom I’m quite sure has not made it into the 3.75″ realm yet – The Riddler !

P1130034Edward Nygma is a genius who is obsessed with riddles, puzzles and word games. For some reasons he has dedicated himself to a life of crime, calling himself “The Riddler”, employing his talents to wreck havoc on Gotham City, all the while taunting Batman and Gotham Police with bizarre riddles or complex clues which are usually a forewarning of his latest calculated caper.


Head – Weather Wizard
Rest of the body, and hat – The Question

The Riddler is a fairly straightfoward custom. Weather Wizard’s head was used as he wears a domino mask, just like the Riddler. The head was transplanted onto the Question’s body, and the top of the head was sliced off and attached with the Question’s hat. Epoxy was used to fill in the gap on the hat so what it will resemble Riddler’s signature bowler hat. The suit and hat were painted green, while the hands, shoes and mask were painted purple, and the tie black. A “?” sign was also painted onto the hat.

P1130040The Riddler (center), made of parts from The Question (left) and Weather Wizard (right).

There’s always a “?” somewhere on the Riddler’s outfit

Batman vs Riddler

Ensemble shot of DCIH Batman rogues: Catwoman, Killer Croc, Hush, Scarecrow, The Riddler, Two-Face, The Joker, and a special appearance by Harley Quinn from “Injustice: Gods Among Us” by DC Collectibles.

Just a couple more:

The business suit buck is used by several DCIH figures – The Question, Two-Face, President Lex Luthor. Two other variants of the Question also use the same buck.


The Question looks rather freaky doesn’t he? Don’t worry, he’s a good guy.

(Photos of Lex Luthor and The Question courtesy of

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