Custom DC Infinite Heroes Figure – Guy Gardner: Reborn

Hi world! Today I’m showcasing another DC Infinite Heroes custom figure that I have created – Guy Gardner!

Guy Gardner is among the few humans who have had the honor of becoming a Green Lantern. Guy Gardner’s macho ego has at many times brought him into conflict with his team mates, and this time it has cost him his Green Lantern powers. But Guy Gardner is determined to claw his way back into the game soon enough.

The whole figure – Guy Gardner

Actually this particular Guy Gardner figure is available as part of the DCIH Prelude to Doomsday Gift Pack. The reason why I had created a custom of this Guy Gardner was because:  (1) That DCIH Gift Pack never made it on sale here in Singapore, and (2) the single pack Guy Gardner could still be found pegwarming at some toy shops, and all I had to do to make him appear as he does in the Gift Pack was to do a simple repaint.

Apparently, sometime during the 1990s, Guy Gardner lost ownership of his green power ring when he was challenged and defeated by Hal Jordan. Guy Gardner decides to regain his powers, by taking Sinestro’s yellow ring! (Note that Sinestro was then dead at that point in the comics). Guy Gardner then took to wearing steet clothes (which still somewhat resembled his Green Lantern costume), wearing a dark blue jacket with a yellow “G” on it.

Guy Gardner, and Guy Gardner: Reborn

This Guy ! This Gardner !

Guy Gardner does a hero pose.

Guy Gardner finds Sinestro and pry the yellow ring from his cold dead hands.

And while we are still on the topic of Green Lantern,

The Green Lanterns: Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, and John Stewart

Power Glow Green Lanterns!

Interesting trivia: According to DC Wikia, Guy Gardner was named after fan Guy H. Lillian III and writer Gardner Fox.

Oh yeah !

[UPDATE – 12 June 2018: An earlier version of this post gave the erroneous trivia that Guy Gardner was named after the NASA astronaut Guy Gardner, as written on Green Lantern Guy Gardner’s Wikipedia article, of which such reference has since been removed. That didn’t really make much sense as the real-life Guy Gardner’s astronaut career began in 1980, with his first shuttle mission in 1988 and second mission in 1990. And GL Guy Gardner’s first appearance in the comics was in 1968, years before real-life Guy Gardner’s career even took off. I blame fake news.]

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