Custom DC Infinite Heroes Figure – S.W.A.T. Gordon

Hello world! Here’s one more custom DC Infinite Heroes figure that I have created – S.W.A.T. Gordon !

Crimefighting in Gotham City is a tough career, and when yet another supervillain creates an incident in the city, even Commissioner Jim Gordon will don a S.W.A.T. outfit and personally lead his men to try stop the troublemaker, by any means necessary.

Head – Commissioner Gordon
Rest of the body – Gotham City S.W.A.T.

Similar to my custom Guy Gardner: Reborn, here’s another case whereby I’ve created a custom figure so that I won’t need to hunt everywhere and spend excessively to acquire the actual figure. I have not seen any S.W.A.T. Gordon on sale here in Singapore, whereas during a toy sale there were many Gotham City three-packs (among others) that were on clearance. All I had to do to make Commissioner Gordon appear as S.W.A.T. Gordon was to do a headswap, and a simple repaint.

S.W.A.T. Gordon (center), made of parts from Commissioner Gordon (left), and Gotham City S.W.A.T. (right).

S.W.A.T. Gordon leading his men into an operation.

Jim Gordon and his submachine gun.

Another pose.

Not. Dead.

S.W.A.T. Gordon seems quite confident of going into operations without his helmet.

Just one more:

Commissioner Gordon: “YOU! I wasn’t expecting to see you here.”
[Actually, I’m not quite sure if Jim Gordon and Kate Kane have ever shared a comic panel together.]