“The Dark Knight Rises” Custom 4″ Figure – Bane

Hi world! Today I’m showcasing a custom 4″ Bane from “The Dark Knight Rises”. This custom was previously featured in this wayback blog post, and I thought I’d showcase him again as part of my recent series of 4″ DC Comics custom figures.

img_4054Eight years after the disappearance of Batman, the mercenary Bane and his men show up in Gotham City, cutting off Gotham from the outside world and threatening to destroy Gotham with a nuclear bomb. Bane is intent on following through Ra’s al Ghul’s mission of cleansing Gotham City of its ills, and when Batman attempted to stop him, the formidable Bane broke the Bat and sent him to a faraway prison to bear witness to the events unfolding in Gotham.

The whole figure – Any of the 4″ Bane

P1090368Bane is a custom painted figure, done when I impulsively bought the original 4″ Bane figure (on the left), and then realised that he isn’t really going to look like that in the movie. As none of the released 4″ Bane resemble his onscreen appearance, I decided that the only solution was to paint him myself.

img_4060Back view

img_4057Another angle

img_4061Bane vs. Batman

img_4071Bane breaks Batman

img_4065I have also created a 5.5″ custom Bane, which is a repaint of another Bane figure.

img_40664″ and 5.5″ Bane and Batman

Just one more:

img_4056“Hey Batfleck ! The cave’s all yours. And don’t forget to feed the critters.”