Star Wars 3.75″ Han Solo (TFA Smuggler’s outfit, and Starkiller Base)

Hi world, I’m showcasing a couple more 3.75″ Han Solo figures that I have recently acquired, at a bargain.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead!

Han Solo (TFA Starkiller Base), and Han Solo (TFA Forest Gear)

Both Han Solo figures are based on his appearances in The Force Awakens, with Forest Gear Han Solo (that’s the name given to him by wearing the familiar smuggler’s outfit, while the other Han Solo wears the snow jacket as he infiltrates the Starkiller Base.

Han Solo (smuggler’s outfit) has 5 POA (points of articulation), which is sadly the trend for some of Hasbro’s more recent Star Wars 3.75″ releases. He appears standing tilted in this picture, having been fixed in this pose while stuck in the packaging for quite some time.

Han Solo (Starkiller Base) is part of Star Wars The Black Series 3.75″ figures, which are highly detailed and have much more articulation than just 5 POA.

Here’s a snapshot of ROTJ Han Solo together with TFA Smuggler Han Solo, and TFA Starkiller Base Han Solo. ROTJ Han Solo was previously showcased here.

And we have a special appearance by Indiana Jones (KOTCS), placed here so that we can make comparisons of Harrison Ford’s likeness in his more recent film outings. To be honest, I had bought the Han Solo figures as I was exploring the possibility of using them as custom fodder for more of my Indiana Jones customs.

Han always shoots first.

“Chewie, we’re home.”

Just this again:

It would be possible to customize a super-articulated The Force Awakens smuggler Han Solo from the above three figures.

TFA Han Solo (smuggler’s outfit): head, jacket
TFA Han Solo (Starkiller Base): legs, gun holster
ROTJ Han Solo: torso, arms

More instructions can be found on this entry at