Awesome Toy Collection – 1:18 The Ultimate Soldier XD “Fallschirmjäger” Series

Hi world! Welcome to my first post for 2017! And this post is actually a follow-up to my previous showcase of 1:18 scale WWII German soldiers. I had recently acquired the one “Fallschirmjäger” soldier that was missing from my collection, and so now I have all six figures of 1:18 The Ultimate Soldier XD “Fallschirmjäger” series.

The “Fallschirmjäger” series – “Fallschirmjäger” is German for “paratroopers”.


Major Von Schnitzel

I’m assuming that Major Von Schnitzel is the leader of this team of Fallschirmjäger since he is of the highest rank. He wears a peaked cap, holds a submachine gun with a wooden stock, and proudly displays his Iron Cross medal. Unfortunately, some accessories have been lost by the previous owner. Von Schnitzel is missing his helmet, binoculars, and a pair of straight arms.

Major Von Schnitzel without his peaked cap.


Private Krieger

Private Kreiger is dressed in full paratrooper attire, and he wields a MP40 submachine gun.

Private Krieger wears a parachute harness, complete with a bundled parachute on his back. Check out the ripcord that extends over the shoulder.


Sergeant Jaeger

Sergeant Jaeger is also armed with a MP40 submachine gun.


Corporal Wenzel

Corporal Wenzel slings his ammo pouches over his neck as he goes into battle. I’m leaving Corporal Wenzel helmet-off as the rubber straps are extremely brittle and will break easily. On the other hand, some of the other figures are already wearing their helmets as their previous owner had somehow managed to fit the helmets onto the heads, and similarly I have decided to leave the helmets where they are to avoid breaking the straps.


Private Keitel

Private Keitel is armed with a panzerschreck. The figure is missing a rocket projectile.

Private Keitel aims his panzerschrek through the window on the blast shield.


Lance Corporal Mayer

Lance Corporal Mayer lugs around a GPMG equipped with a double drum magazine.

Lance Corporal Mayer also comes with a anti-aircraft tripod for the GPMG.

Fallschirmjäger squad ready for action!

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