Marvel Universe Collecting – Deadpool Corps

Hello world! Here’s another showcase from my awesome Marvel Universe collection – Deadpool Corps !

For some convoluted reason, Deadpool, the “Merc with a mouth”, finds himself joined by several alternate versions of himself from different universes, and together they form the Deadpool Corps. Pictured above are Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Championpool, Kidpool, Dogpool, and Squirrelpool.

Deadpool Corps was released in 2013 by Hasbro as a SDCC 2013 Comic-Con Exclusive, coming in a box set shaped like a taco truck. But after concluding that the taco truck box set was selling at exorbitant prices online, I decided to acquire the set piecemeal via various evilBay sources, thinking that this could possibly be a cheaper route. A couple of accessories were not obtained such as Deadpool’s swimming floats, and maybe a couple of weapons. But I suppose that’s what you get for trying not to overspend on an exclusive item.

Deadpool and his signature katana swords.

Here’s Deadpool with his alternative head, with a revealing mask so that he can eat his taco.

Lady Deadpool is a female counterpart of Deadpool from an alternate reality, whereby she leads a one-woman resistance against the fascist US government.

The Champion is a member of the alien Elders of the Universe, immortal beings who obsess over a single motivation so as to maintain their will to live, often to the point of fanaticism. The Champion is ever eager to prove himself to be the greatest warrior in the universe, in this instance joining up with the Deadpool Corps and taking on the name “Championpool”.

Kidpool hails from an alternate reality whereby he is a child version of Deadpool who attends Professor X’s school. Deadpool recruits Kidpool to join the Deadpool Corps, and Kidpool snitches two lightsabers from the Danger Room as his weapons.

In another reality, Dogpool was the result of an experiment that resulted in Dogpool gaining healing powers. I couldn’t find any info on this Squirrelpool though, it seems to be a different character from that of another Squirrelpool who’s a recombination of Deadpool’s and Squirrel Girl’s DNA.

“You’d think that the studio would be able to hire a couple more actors to fill up this empty X-mansion.”

“Quick! Hank! Close the doors before he sees us!”

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