Marvel Universe Collecting – Deadpool Corps (Take Two)

Following from last month’s showcase of my Deadpool Corps collection, I thought I’ll go through the Deadpool Corps just once more since, each figure was acquired piecemeal via various evilBay sources, and as such certain aspects could be different from that of the genuine Taco truck article. Bear with me here as I seek to clarify to everyone and myself what I consider is the backstory for each figure.


Let’s start with Deadpool. Here’s a picture of Deadpool as purchased.


Deadpool came from a ChinaBay source. On closer inspection and after checking online for more information, I concluded that this particular Deadpool figure did not belong to the Taco truck set, but instead he comes from the single release comic series Deadpool of the “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” toy line.

XOWolverine-001_DPComic Series Deadpool from “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”

The original “Taco truck set Deadpool” has dark brown scabbards, holster, and belt pouches, and there’s no red on the Deadpool symbol belt buckle. Also, “Taco truck set Deadpool” comes with a dagger, two futuristic guns, swimming floats and inflatable Ducky.

The original Deadpool from the Taco truck set.

But as a consolation, the taco eating head does belong to the Taco truck set. The same two futuristic guns also came with MU Cable, so they can be borrowed for Deadpool to use. I have another Deadpool figure from the MU Deadpool & Taskmaster Comic Pack, and the masked head plus the dagger can be borrowed to snap the “Taco truck set Deadpool”.

Well, almost anyway.

Just an observation: If Taco truck set Deadpool uses the same buck as the Comic Series Deadpool, then the holster on his leg will not fit that futuristic pistol. It does fit the dagger loosely though.

It is possible to customise a Taco truck set Deadpool with a simple repaint, but for now I’ll just let Deadpool stay the way he is.

Next: Lady Deadpool. Picture as purchased:

IMG_6254.JPGLady Deadpool was re-released as part of Marvel Legends Series Wave 4. She came together with Squirrelpool.

The original Lady Deadpool from the Taco truck set.

Perhaps the only significant difference between the two is that the original “Taco truck set Lady Deadpool” has a slightly darker hair colour as compared with the single release. There’s always a slight variation with every Hasbro MU re-releases, enough to irritate the completionist collector. “Taco Lady Deadpool” also came with a laser gun and a bazooka. It so happens that the two weapons are the same accessories as that of MU A.I.M. Soldier, and I’ve borrowed them to snap a somewhat complete “Taco Lady Deadpool”.


Next: Championpool. Picture as purchased:

No issues on the completeness of Championpool and his accessories as he was purchased as-is from a trader who was selling it separately from the original Taco truck set.

Next: Kidpool & Dogpool. Picture as purchased:

Also no issues with Kidpool and Dogpool. Together with the Taco eating Deadpool head, and probably the XOW: Deadpool itself, these are not considered knock-offs but are thought to be overproduction from the Hasbro-licensed factories in China that were never contracturally acquired by Hasbro for final packaging and sale. As such enterprising sellers are offloading them on evilBay, usually at a cheaper price than retail, which is either a bane or boon from a certain point of view.


So there you have it. A somewhat convoluted piecemeal method to acquire the exclusive Taco truck set figures without overspending too much, with the end result of some slight paint differences and lacking certain accessories (Deadpool’s swimming float, Ducky, Taco packages and the Taco truck itself). Wouldn’t exactly be a preferred option if you are the compulsive completionist, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

A word of caution if you are considering the cheaper ChinaBay route: There’s a knock-off Taco truck Deadpool set floating around which comes with the similar-looking figures but with seriously reduced articulation (no elbows or knee articulation), poor paint apps, among others. Beware not to mistake this for what you think you are going to get.

DPset_fakeFAKE, and probably toxic. Picture from eBay.

(Pictures of XOW Deadpool, Taco Deadpool & Taco Lady Deadpool courtesy of

Just one more:

“And it comes in red too!”

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