Custom Marvel Universe Figure – Spiral

Here’s a custom Marvel Universe that I have recently created – Spiral !

The six-armed, part-flesh part-cybernetic Spiral is a recurring adversary of the X-Men, she is also more commonly known as the agent of the slave owner Mojo, the ruler of “Mojoverse” – a dimension where all beings are addicted to Mojo’s television programs. As Mojo’s loyal subordinate, Spiral carries out her master’s commands, using her power of sorcery, endowed upon her through genetic modification and cybernetic implants.


Head – Marvel Universe Psylocke
Arms, torso, legs, belt – Marvel Infinite Series Valkyrie
Helmet – Wolverine Silver Samurai
Belt pouches – Indiana Jones ROTLA German Soldier
Sword holder – Indiana Jones TOD Temple Guard

I was rather inspired to create a custom Spiral after seeing someone else’s custom Spiral posted on the ToyArk Forums from this post on this page. The most distinctive feature of Spiral are her three pairs of arms. Holes were dremeled on the torso’s back and sides such that the arms can be plugged in. This also involved quite some trial and error to ensure the arms do not look unevenly placed.

Additional work involved adding pockets on her legs, sculpting the necklace beads, paintwork on the main body, arms, hair and eyes, and creating the belt using the ammo pouches from the German Soldier. The patterning on the cybernetic arms were created via painting with masking tape.

In most online pictures of Spiral, there’s sometimes a scabbard hanging from her belt. For my custom, I have transplanted a sword holder from a Thuggee Guard onto the belt, which somewhat serves the same purpose. White felt was used to create Spiral’s fur boots.


Spiral does a dance to cast her spells.

Spiral faces off with Longshot, a former slave of Mojo who now leads a revolt against his former master. For some reasons Spiral holds a peculiar hatred for Longshot.

Yeah, Spiral also fought with these guys.
Just where do all her weapons come from?

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