Custom MCU Figure – Thor (“Avengers: Infinity War”)

Hello world! Here’s a custom MCU Thor as based on his appearance at the Battle of Wakanda in “Avengers: Infinity War”.

After witnessing his brother, his best friend, and half his people, all get killed by the Mad Titan Thanos, Thor was left for dead, adrift in space until he was rescued by the Guardians of the Galaxy. Seeking a new weapon in his pursuit for revenge, Thor, together with new friends Rocket and Groot, travel to Nidavellir where Thor obtains the Stormbreaker. Thor then arrives at Wakanda on Earth, where the decisive battle for the remaining Infinity Stone was taking place between the Avengers and Thanos’ minions. With Thor’s awesome powers the tide of the battle has seemingly turned in the Avengers’ favor.

Whole body – Shock Strike Thor from “The Avengers”
Head – I transplanted Thor’s face to the head of Mutt Williams from “Indiana Jones KOTCS”
Stormbreaker – Came with Thor from this Disney Store Avengers: Infinity War Deluxe Figurine Set

Yeah, I thought Mutt Williams’ head kinda matched Thor’s new hairdo.

Thor’s costume in “Avengers: Infinity War” was basically an almost all black costume, with the discs having a somewhat glossy sheen. (Actually Thor already wears that right at the end of “Thor: Ragnarok”.) Epoxy putty was used to sculpt a raised collar as well as connect the cape to the top discs. A piece of paper was cut to resemble the armor plate on the back of the cape and pasted on. Epoxy was used to cover over the armor plate, collar, and over the cape at shoulders to create a continuous piece. The torso, legs, lower arms armor, and insides of the cape were painted with flat black, while the discs themselves were painted with gloss black. The upper arms chain armor were painted with gun metal to give them a shinier look.

Close-ups front and back

The onscreen appearances of MCU Thor.
From left: “Thor”, “The Avengers”, “Thor: The Dark World” (and I think it’s almost the same costume in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”), “Thor: Ragnarok”, “Avengers: Infinity War”.

Thor, Rocket Raccoon and Groot arrive at Wakanda.

“Bring me Thanos!”

The Chitauri are about to get hammered.

Steve Rogers and Thor do some quick catching up during the fight.

My customs for the Battle of Wakanda. Oh yeah, I’m good.

Thor confronts Thanos. You should have gone for the head!

Bits acknowledgements:
. Rocket Raccoon is made by Takara Tomy.
. Groot comes from the same Disney Store Avengers: Infinity War Deluxe Figurine Set
. Stormbreaker lightning effects belong to Star Wars Mace Windu.
. Rocket’s big freaking gun came with Marvel Minimates A:IW Groot and Rocket 2-pack.
. Captain America’s Wakandan shield came with the Captain America of Hasbro’s A:IW basic 6″ figures that each came with a stone accessory.
. Black Widow’s belt belong to Star Trek (2009) Scotty. (In fact, each Starfleet figure had the same utility belt)
. And Thanos is a bootleg which seemed to be more in scale with the 4″ figures. Try eBay.

[Update – 1 May 2019: Did some minor text editing, and replaced the picture of Thor, Rocket and Groot to one which shows Rocket’s big freaking gun, which has finally arrived in the mail. And it actually still isn’t the one Rocket carried into battle. The previous picture is below, with Rocket holding up the original two guns that came with this Takara Tomy figure.]


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