Custom Marvel Universe Figure – Throg, Frog of Thunder

Hello world! Here’s a custom Marvel Universe figure that I have been inspired to create: Throg, Frog of Thunder !

Thor, the God of Thunder, was once turned into a frog by his brother Loki, and he found himself embroiled in a war between the frogs and rats in New York City’s Central Park. Eventually, Frog Thor managed to regain his powers, return to Asgard, confront Loki and was restored to his former self. Meanwhile, Puddlegup, a frog Thor had befriended, came under attack by the rats. In defense, Puddlegup (who was actually a man named Simon Walterson who came under a curse and became a frog) held onto a metal silver chipped from Thor’s hammer, and he similarly gained the power of Thor, complete with costume and hammer. Calling himself Throg, he now uses his powers to protect his frog clan that had welcomed him as one of their own.

Head – Came from this Sitting Frog Figure
Torso, legs – Marvel Super Heroes Squad Thor
Arms – Indiana Jones Ugha Warrior
Feet – Cast from Wolverine and the X-Men Toad
Helmet wings – Came from another Marvel Universe Thor

I was inspired to create this custom after seeing several other people’s custom Frog Thor that were posted either on the ToyArk Forum (for example here & here) or on FigureRealm (well there’s one here). Also, I was thinking of assembling the Pet Avengers. Several of the pets have already been released, with just a couple more that needs to be acquired/customized.


The head and arms of the Thor figure were removed by first softening the figure by boiling it in hot water and then pulling the parts out. The frog head was cut out and transplanted over to the torso, with the neck created using epoxy putty. The Ugha Warrior’s arms were heavily sanded down and they plug somewhat snugly into the arm sockets. I made a rather crude cast of Toad’s web feet that were then used to replace the front part of Thor’s shoes. The helmet was sculpted using epoxy putty, with the wings pasted on. A pair of “U”-shaped kneepads was cut from paper and pasted on the knees.




Pet Avengers Assemble! When Mister Fantastic went to the Moon and visited the Inhuman city of Attilan to begin a search for the Infinity Gems, Lockjaw finds one of the gem, and he proceeds to recruit a team to find the remaining gems across space and time.
Front row: Hairball, Ms. Lion, Lockheed, Redwing
Back row: Throg, Lockjaw, Zabu

After the Pet Avengers had found five of the Infinity Gems, Thanos turns up during the search for the sixth and final gem and he challenged the Pet Avengers for the gems. After a titanic confrontation, Lockjaw used the combined powers of their five gems to defeat Thanos by stranding him in an alternate dimension, in the process snatching back the gem Thanos had taken. 

The Pet Avengers now share a psychic link and will reunite when they are needed. US President Obama’s dog, Bo, also becomes an honorary member of the Pet Avengers.

Bits acknowledgement:
. Lockjaw is a part of Marvel Legends Series 2016 SDCC Collector’s Vault.
. Lockheed came with Marvel Universe Kitty Pryde.
. Redwing came with Marvel Universe Falcon.
. Ms. Lion came with Marvel Universe Mary Jane Watson. Ms. Lion is based on his brown fur appearance in the “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” cartoon, whereas he has white fur in the Pet Avengers comics.
. Hairball (previously known as Niels, Speedball’s pet cat) is actually Gargamel’s cat Azrael.
. Zabu is a Papo Smilodon.
. Bo was customised from a Papo Black Poodle.

Speaking of Thor Frog…

ToyBiz once planned to release Thor Frog as a Marvel Legends accessory. A prototype sculpt was displayed at SDCC 2006. More information can be found at this Action Figure Insider page.

Thor Frog with Forbush Man, on display at SDCC 2006. Picture from Action Figure Insider.

And fast forward to NYCC 2011, the picture of a digital sculpt for Thor Frog was shown at Hasbro’s Marvel Actions Figures Panel, supposedly a sneak peek for a 2012 Marvel Universe release. More information can be found over here at

Thor Frog!!! Picture from

Guess that didn’t happen either.

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