Custom Marvel Universe Figure – Aarkus, Golden Age Vision

Hi world! Here’s a custom figure of a considerably obscure Marvel character – Aarkus, the Golden Age Vision.

Aarkus is an alien law enforcement officer from another dimension. After he was accidentally contacted by an Earth scientist, Aarkus accepted the scientist’s invitation to fight crime on Earth, with him using the name “Vision”. During World War II, Aarkus was briefly manipulated by the Axis powers into fighting the Allies. Aarkus later realized his mistake with the help of the Invaders, the Allies superhero team, and he joins the Invaders in their fight against tyranny.

Perhaps I should state clearly here that this Vision (Aarkus) is the Vision character who had appeared in Marvel comics during the Golden Age of Comics (considered as spanning from 1938 to 1956), and he should not be confused with the modern-day Vision, or with a more recent Vision (Jonas).

Head – MLS 3.75″ Vance Astro
Torso, upper arms, elbows, legs, cape – MLS 3.75″ Vision (Jonas)
Lower arms, gloves – MU Bucky
Belt – MU Baron Zemo


I decided to make a custom of Aarkus when I realised that I can obtain the necessary parts. Most parts of the figure come from the recent Vision (Jonas) figure. Vance Astro was bought from eBay. Bucky’s lower arms were attached to the elbows by first using super glue and then using epoxy putty to sculpt the remaining arms while still making sure that the gloves still have space to swivel.


Golden Age Vision, Modern Vision, and Vision (Jonas)

When a deadly horrific threat from World War II resurfaces in the modern era, Aarkus assembles the Invaders to face a dark secret the Invaders had kept since the war.

In the last days of WW2, the Nazi scientist Arnim Zola unleashed a virus that causes people to turn into mindless violent monsters, infecting the people of a village in the Netherlands. The virus was incurable, forcing the Invaders to kill the infected villagers to prevent the virus from spreading. The virus has somehow returned, leading the reunited Invaders to investigate.

The threat was eventually revealed to be part of a devious plot involving Arnim Zola in an attempt to use the virus to control the people of the world. The Invaders confront Zola and his partners-in-terror.

The lethality of the virus was due to it being made from the minerals of the local region that was under the influence of the evil Elder God Shuma-Gorath, a demon that desires to feast upon Earth. During the battle, a gateway to another dimension was opened, and allowed Shuma-Gorath to enter.

In a last ditch effort to stop the evil being, Aarkus fights off Shuma-Gorath with the Spear of Destiny, driving Shuma-Gorath back into its dimension. With Shuma-Gorath’s banishment, the local minerals lost their lethality and the virus was rendered inert.

Bits acknowledgements:
. The scene re-creations are based on the Invaders Now! miniseries.
. I’m using a MU Human Torch (Johnny Storm) as a stand-in for the original Golden Age Human Torch.
. Spitfire is a quick and dirty custom with MU Firestar donning a DCIH Supergirl cape.
. Custom Arnim Zola was showcased here.
. Custom Master Man and Warrior Woman were both showcased wayback here.
. Shuma-Gorath is from Heroclix.
. The Spear of Destiny came with Mutt Williams (sword).

Invaders Now!

[For the uninitiated, the above Invaders ensemble pic is a re-creation of the cover for Invaders Now! #5. Bucky Barnes was then serving as Captain America, while Steve Rogers was Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., although for the purposes of this story he wore his Captain America uniform. And yes, there should be two Human Torches instead of one. But I’m keeping Jim Hammond MOC for now.]

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