Awesome Toy Collection – MCU Ant-Man(s)

We return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this blog post, with a showcase of several MCU Ant-Mans that I have acquired.

Lining up the Ant-Man figures gives the imagery of Ant-Man growing or shrinking in size.

Let’s start with the Ant-Man from the 3.75″ scale that I more often collect:

Hasbro Marvel Infinite Series 3.75″ MCU Ant-Man came with an ant figure which Ant-Man can ride on.

On the left is an approx 2.5″ Hasbro Miniverse Ant-Man from “Captain America: Civil War”, it came in a two-pack together with Winter Soldier. On the right is a 3″ Takara Tomy Ant-Man, as based on his appearance in “Captain America: Civil War”.

The 5″ Ant-Man is actually the Hasbro Miniverse Giant-Man from “Captain America: Civil War”, it came together with a mini Ant-Man riding on two ants.

Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ MCU Ant-Man, and a mini Ant-Man. These two figures came in a two-pack together with MCU Yellowjacket as part of “Marvel Studios The First 10 Years” Series.

Another 6″ MCU Ant-Man was previously released as part of BAF MCU Ultron series. The recent Ant-Man is more screen accurate as Ant-Man’s helmet never showed any part of the face underneath.

Marvel Legends BAF MCU Giant-Man, which I had acquired as a completed figure.

Hasbro has recently re-released MCU Giant-Man for sale on its own. This recent Giant-Man is more screen accurate in having additional paint apps, brighter metal colours, and more importantly, the boot flaps do not stick out as in the previous Giant-Man. Rumours has it that during the original laser scanning session for the design of Giant-Man, the boot flaps were overlooked and therefore BAF Giant-Man came with its boot flaps sticking out. This is now corrected in the re-release.

Also of worthy mention are the Ant-Man figures by Hot Toys, Marvel Select, Bandai S.H. Figuarts.




Just one more:

That has got to be one of the most wacko fan theory anyone could have ever come up with.