Awesome Toy Collection – ToyBiz Man-Spider, Doppelganger, Alien Spider Slayer

Hi world! Still continuing with the Spider-Man theme, for this month I’m showcasing a couple of ToyBiz Spider-Man figures I have acquired, that which I feel are somewhat compatible with the Marvel Universe figures.

Presenting: ToyBiz Man-Spider, Doppelganger, and Alien Spider Slayer.

Back in the 1990s, ToyBiz produced 5-inch action figures based on Marvel Comics as well as from Marvel animated series. In general, most of these figures are way too big when compared with the more recent 4-inch Marvel Universe figures, but sometimes the ToyBiz figure of a character who is meant to be big-sized will fit right in with the MU figures, as in the case of the above three.

Man-Spider is what happens when Peter Parker’s mutation goes haywire every so often in the comics or in the cartoons. In Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Parker’s original spider-bite that gave him his powers was causing him further mutations. However, his attempts to cure himself resulted in him growing four new arms, and then an accelerated mutation into the Man-Spider.

Doppelganger is an evil, near-mindless duplicate of Spider-Man that was created by Magus during the Infinity War. The Doppelganger possesses Spider-Man’s strength, speed, wall-climbing abilities, and spider-sense, and also has six arms, claws, fangs, and the ability to produce its own razor-edged webbing.

Doppelganger has made appearances in the comics, Spider-Man: TAS, and video games.

The Spider Slayers are a series of killer robots created specifically to hunt and kill Spider-Man. They were made by robotics expert and scientist Spencer Smythe, and later by his son Alistair Smythe. The Alien Spider Slayer, also known as Spider Slayer Mark X, was created by Alistair Smythe possibly by using alien technology. The Alien Spider Slayer is extremely fast and agile. It also had a large amount of spikes and claws sprouting from its body.

The Alien Spider Slayer was originally planned to appear on Spider-Man: TAS but that did not happen. He instead appeared in the Spider-Man (1995 video game) which itself was based on elements from Spider-Man: TAS. The Alien Spider Slayer apparently has not appeared in the comics.

Comparison pics:



The Alien Spider Slayer somewhat resemble a Xenomorph from the Alien franchise.

“Oh come on!” – Spider-Man finds himself surrounded by these eight limb freaks.


Awesome Toy Collection – Marvel Universe Spider-Verse (Take Two)

I’ve decided to give another showcase for my MU Spider-Verse figures, this time going through a little more background info for each of the Spidey figures.

Here’s an ensemble pic:


First, your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man:

This is the traditional suit that Spider-Man has used throughout his career. At most times it is in a red and blue colour rendering, though the blue has been through various shades and is sometimes even in black, depending on the comic book artist. As you can see, various sculpts for the traditional Spider-Man figure has been released, each with different numbers of articulation, and sometimes even with variant redeco (usually in darker/lighter shades). There are many, but for my showcase I’ll just present the above five figures.

At various times Spider-Man found himself wearing suits of other designs. From left:
(1) “Black Symbiote Suit” – During the Secret Wars, Spider-Man found this suit and began to wear it, unaware that it was an alien symbiote.
(2) “Bag-Man Suit” – When Spider-Man was forced to remove his symbiote suit, he temporarily wore an old Fantastic Four costume with a paper bag mask to hide his identity.
(3) “Spider-Armor MK I” – Peter Parker created this armored suit to fight a couple of bad guys. It allowed him to be bullet proof, but it slowed him down and made him less agile.
(4) “Iron Spider Armor” – Tony Stark made this suit for Spider-Man. It has three waldoes that extend from behind him. Spider-Man abandoned this armor when he decided to go against the Superhuman Registration Act.
(5) “Stealth Suit” – Peter Parker created this suit to combat against the Hobgoblin’s sonic screams; the suit warps light and sound around it, rendering it invisible. It is also known as “Big Time costume”, in reference to the name of the storyline it appeared in.
(6) “Future Foundation Suit” – When Spider-Man joined the Future Foundation after the Human Torch apparently died, he was provided with this suit, which was made of unstable molecules and was able to change it’s appearance.
(7) “Inverted Future Foundation Suit” – Spider-Man was checking out his new FF suit and found that it could invert it’s colour and therefore appeared as such.

Spider-Man wears this “Advanced Suit” in the PS4 game “Marvel’s Spider-Man”.

There are a couple of clones of Spider-Man. From left:
(1) Ben Reilly is a clone of Peter Parker, and he also fights crime as the Scarlet Spider.
(2) When Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson temporarily left New York to live a quiet life, Ben Reilly took on the role of Spider-Man, and wore this iteration of Spider-Man Suit.
(3) Kaine Parker is yet another clone of Peter Parker. After being a villain for quite a while, Kaine turned good and took on the Scarlet Spider role. His suit is actually the above mentioned “Big Time” Stealth Suit, locked in it’s red-black configuration.

There are several versions of Spider-Man from alternate realities. From left:
(1) Spider-Ham – Peter Porker, a hero from a universe of anthropomorphic animals.
(2) Ultimate Spider-Man – Miles Morales from the Ultimate Universe.
(3) House of M Spider-Man – Spider-Man from a reality where the Scarlet Witch depowered a majority of Earth’s mutants.
(4)  Spider-Man Noir – Spider-Man from a reality where Earth’s superhumans debuted in the 1920s and 1930s.
(5) Spider-UK – William Braddock was a rookie Captain Britain from an alternate reality who took on the mantle of Spider-Man, fighting to stop a threat that was hunting all Spider-Totems in the Multiverse.

Spider-Man 2099: Miguel O’Hara is the Spider-Man from the year 2099. His original suit was in red-blue colours. More recently he wears the red-white suit created for him by Peter Parker.

The cinematic Spider-Man. From left:
(1) Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man from Sam Raimi trilogy. Still MOC.
(2) Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man from Marc Webb duology.
(3) Tom Holland’s Spider-Man from MCU.

Comic Book Spidey gets the girl, at least, until “One More Day” happens.

Awesome Toy Collection – Marvel Universe Spider-Verse

Hi world! For this month I thought I’d showcase a couple of my 3.75″ Spider-Man figures that were released under the Marvel Universe, Marvel Infinite Series, and Marvel Legends Series (3.75″) banners.

We have a gathering here of the Spider-Verse – different versions of Spider-Man who are either Spider-Man in the various costumes he has worn in the comics or video games, or having originated from an alternate reality, clone duplicates, or even other individuals who had for one reason or another taken up a Spider-inspired costume. See if you can identify them all!

And yes there are probably a couple more MU 3.75″ Spidey figures that are not in the picture, but I thought that they are of such slight variations (in terms of differences in colour or articulation) that they need not be shown.

The figures for “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” – Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, an older Spider-Man from an alternate reality, and Spider-Ham. I’ve dressed up Spider-Man Noir with a trench coat and hat since he appeared that way in the film. We don’t really have the corresponding figures for Spider-Gwen, and the film’s version of SP//dr, in the 3.75″ scale.

Movie Spider-Man figures: Sam Raimi’s Trilogy Spider-Man, the Amazing Spider-Man, and MCU Spider-Man.

Who’s pointing first?

Just one more:

Yeah that kinda happened, sort of.

Awesome Toy Collection – More Marvel Universe Secret Wars Figures

Hello world! Welcome to the year 2019! And this is my first blogpost for the year.

Actually, the topic for this post comes from a line I wrote in my previous post, which stated that more characters that had appeared in Marvel Comics’ Secret Wars (the 1984-1985 comics series) have since received figures of their own, apart from the original 24+1 figures that were released as part of Marvel Universe Secret Wars Two-Packs.

Figures from the Marvel Universe Secret Wars Two-Packs.

That line made me wonder as to exactly how true was my statement, and I decided to find out.

But first, a summary of what happened in Secret Wars:

A cosmic entity called the Beyonder had been observing the Marvel universe. Fascinated by the superheroes on Earth, he chooses a group of both heroes and supervillains, teleports them against their will to a faraway planet and pitch them to do battle with the other, with the statement “Slay your enemies and all that you desire shall be yours!”

The Heroes:

A comic panel of the heroes when they were first taken to Battleworld.

Heroes figures from MU Secret Wars Two-Packs.

Comparison between the pics shows that the following heroes have their figures from the two-packs: Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, Wasp (a mini-fig), Hawkeye, Captain America, Hulk, Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, Human Torch, Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Storm, and Magneto (usually a villain but he’s considered a hero for now). Spider-Woman made her first appearance much later in the story so she wasn’t in the initial heroes ensemble shot, while Black Spider-Man is actually Spider-Man himself when he changed into an all black costume.

That leaves the following outstanding characters: Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), Professor X, Rogue, She-Hulk, Colossus, and Lockheed the Dragon. So, do we have these figures by now? Well, sort of…


Except for Monica Rambeau, the others have gotten their figures! Here’s a breakdown:
1. Professor X comes from the Marvel Universe line (Series 4 #022).
2. This Rogue comes from the Marvel Legends Series Wave 3. There’s another Rogue that belongs to Marvel Universe The Uncanny X-Men Team Pack, but the pictured Rogue is closer to the Secret Wars time period.
3. This She-Hulk comes from this Marvel Universe Comic Pack. There’s another She-Hulk from Marvel Universe line (Series 4 #012), but the pictured She-Hulk is closer to the Secret Wars time period.
4. This Colossus comes from the Marvel Universe Giant Size X-Men Box Set. There’s another Colossus from Marvel Universe line (Series 2 #013), but the pictured Colossus has the same pointed shoulders and yellow knee pads as appeared in Secret Wars.
5. Lockheed the Dragon came with Kitty Pryde of the Marvel Universe line (Series 2 #017).
6. A 3.75″ figure of Wasp was also released, as part of the Marvel Infinite Series Wave 1. But she is in a more recent costume, not in the classic green costume with a purple “W” as seen in Secret Wars.

The Villains:

The comic panel of the villains when they were first taken to Battleworld.

Villains figures from MU Secret Wars Two-Packs.

Again, comparison between the pics shows that the following villains have their figures from the two-packs: Enchantress, Ultron, Absorbing Man, Thunderball, Piledriver, Bulldozer, and Doctor Doom. Klaw did not appear in the story until later so he’s not in the initial villains ensemble shot.

That leaves the following outstanding villains without their figures: Wrecker, Doctor Octopus, Lizard, Kang, Molecule Man, and Galactus. In addition, two other villains also later made their appearances in Secret Wars: Volcana, and Titania. So, do we also have figures for them as well?


Apparently not all of them have gotten a figure. Here’s the breakdown:
1. Wrecker comes from the Marvel Universe line (Series 2 #020).
2. The Lizard comes from the Spider-Man 2010 Classics 3.75″ Wave 4.
3. Kang the Conqueror comes from the Marvel Universe line (Series 4 #015).
4. Doc Ock comes from the Marvel Infinite Series Wave 6.
5. Galactus is a Marvel Universe 2010 SDCC Exclusive, and he was later repackaged for retail sale. A darker colour variant of Galactus was also released for retail.

Here’s hoping that when Hasbro ends its current hiatus on 3.75″ Marvel Comics figures, the remaining Secret Wars characters will be produced.

The combined list is as follows:
1. Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau)
2. Molecule Man
3. Volcana
4. Titania

A couple of scene re-creation from Secret Wars.

The heroes lineup, with the addition of Deadpool, who claims to have also participated in Secret Wars, except that nobody remembered ever meeting him.

The villains lineup. We are missing the Molecule Man here.

[Scans of Secret Wars comics courtesy from searching on the Internet.]

Custom Marvel Universe Figure – Spiral

Here’s a custom Marvel Universe that I have recently created – Spiral !

The six-armed, part-flesh part-cybernetic Spiral is a recurring adversary of the X-Men, she is also more commonly known as the agent of the slave owner Mojo, the ruler of “Mojoverse” – a dimension where all beings are addicted to Mojo’s television programs. As Mojo’s loyal subordinate, Spiral carries out her master’s commands, using her power of sorcery, endowed upon her through genetic modification and cybernetic implants.


Head – Marvel Universe Psylocke
Arms, torso, legs, belt – Marvel Infinite Series Valkyrie
Helmet – Wolverine Silver Samurai
Belt pouches – Indiana Jones ROTLA German Soldier
Sword holder – Indiana Jones TOD Temple Guard

I was rather inspired to create a custom Spiral after seeing someone else’s custom Spiral posted on the ToyArk Forums from this post on this page. The most distinctive feature of Spiral are her three pairs of arms. Holes were dremeled on the torso’s back and sides such that the arms can be plugged in. This also involved quite some trial and error to ensure the arms do not look unevenly placed.

Additional work involved adding pockets on her legs, sculpting the necklace beads, paintwork on the main body, arms, hair and eyes, and creating the belt using the ammo pouches from the German Soldier. The patterning on the cybernetic arms were created via painting with masking tape.

In most online pictures of Spiral, there’s sometimes a scabbard hanging from her belt. For my custom, I have transplanted a sword holder from a Thuggee Guard onto the belt, which somewhat serves the same purpose. White felt was used to create Spiral’s fur boots.


Spiral does a dance to cast her spells.

Spiral faces off with Longshot, a former slave of Mojo who now leads a revolt against his former master. For some reasons Spiral holds a peculiar hatred for Longshot.

Yeah, Spiral also fought with these guys.
Just where do all her weapons come from?

Awesome Toy Collection – ToyBiz Brood

Hi all, here’s my showcase of another Marvel ToyBiz figure which I feel is somewhat compatible with my Marvel Universe figures – Marvel’s Brood.

The Brood are a race of insectoid parasitic beings whose origins are unknown, and have spread across the galaxies infesting numerous worlds. The Brood are one of the most insidious aliens ever, they reproduce by implanting eggs into their host, which then grows and takes over their host’s body, changing it into another Brood and effectively killing the original host. If the host possesses any super powers, the resultant Brood will inherit them.

The Brood share a hive mind, each Brood knows what other members of the Brood knows. The Brood is governed by a supreme matriarchy, with a Brood Empress at the top of the Brood caste system. Each Brood community is lead by a Queen who fulfill the mental commands of the Empress. The Broodlings make up the Brood community, doing all the labor and most of the fighting, and they never rebel against their Queen. Although the Queens have no allegiance to each other.

The Brood have fanged jaws. Their skulls are triangular and flat, with a birthmark between their eyes. The two front legs are actually long tentacles they can use to manipulate objects. Due to their natural body armor and teeth, the Brood are very dangerous in combat. In addition, they have stingers that deliver paralyzing or killing poison.

The Brood are among one of the X-Men’s most formidable enemies.



A couple of comparison shots:



Awesome Toy Collection – ToyBiz Mojo

Hi world! It’s been a short but busy month of February, and for this month I showcase another Toybiz figure that I have collected as I think he is somewhat compatible with my other 4″ Marvel figures – Marvel’s Mojo.

Mojo is an alien slave owner who rules the ‘Mojoverse’, a dimension where all beings are addicted to Mojo’s television programs. Mojo is a frequent enemy of the X-Men, and had on numerous occasions clashed with them. Mojo has often expressed a desire to enslave Earth and the X-Men, and his various encounters with them had often shot his ratings through the roof.


Mojo’s likeness in the Marvel cartoons remains generally faithful to his comic book appearance, which is a sick yellow colour grotesque blob of mass supported on an exoskeleton, complete with wires that keep his eyes wide open. The character of Mojo is written as an absurdist parody of TV network executives.

Mojo’s exoskeleton has an artificial appendage which operates as an arm or slicer, and it shoots laser. For the figure, there is a button on the back which when pressed brings down the appendage in a slicing motion.

Oh, and you want to see the slicing motion.

The “wild whiping tail action” brings the stinger down to just in front of Mojo’s face.

Mojo in his ToyBiz packaging, he seems to have been released in two different styles.
Photos from a Google search.

Mojo is confronted by Longshot, a former slave who has rebelled against him.

Mojo ordered the creation of child clones of the X-Men called the X-Babies so that he can control them in an effort to improve his ratings. The X-Babies themselves eventually rebelled against him anyway. Here, Cykes is about to give Mojo a blast.

A couple of comparison shots:




“That’s a wrap!”



Marvel Universe Collecting – A.I.M. Soldiers and M.O.D.O.K.

We are back in the Marvel Universe, and the showcase for today is: A.I.M. Soldiers & M.O.D.O.K. !

George Tarleton, an average technician working for the terrorist organisation A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics), was chosen at random to undergo a mutagenic process which transformed him into a massive-headed being with superhuman intelligence and extraordinary psionic powers. Originally intended to function as a M.O.D.O.C. (Mobile Organism Designed Only for Computing), Tarleton was enraged by his hideous condition and he slayed his former masters, taking over control of A.I.M., and now assuming the acronym M.O.D.O.K. (Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing).

I have always been fascinated by A.I.M. ever since I read about them in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. According to the Handbook, A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) is an organisation of brilliant scientists and their hirelings dedicated to the acquisition of power and the overthrow of all governments by technological means.

A.I.M. soldiers come with a pistol and an arm-mounted cannon each. The heads resemble the beekeeper’s helmet.

So it was rather cool when A.I.M. soldiers were finally given physical form and I had to collect a couple, especially so to accompany the M.O.D.O.K. which I had acquired long time back.

M.O.D.O.K. in his chair.

M.O.D.O.K. is based on his appearance from the 1994 “Iron Man” animated series, separate accessories can be attached onto his head such as the “Hyperoptic Video Cam”, and the “Gamma Missile Launcher”.

M.O.D.O.K. prepares to fire a brain blast.

M.O.D.O.K.’s cardback

A.I.M.’s and M.O.D.O.K.’s frequent enemies in the comics include Captain America and S.H.I.E.L.D.

In “Iron Man 3 : The Official Game”, M.O.D.O.K. is revealed to be Aldrich Killian whose consciousness was downloaded onto A.I.M.’s network before he was killed.

Just one more:

Hasbro reused A.I.M. soldier’s uniform sculpt for several other figures such as Magneto, Star-Lord, Ghost Rider (including another variant Ghost Rider not pictured here), and maybe even more.

Star Wars Collecting – Luke’s Landspeeder

Hi world, I’m showcasing a truly awesome Star Wars item that I have recently acquired – Luke’s Landspeeder!

Luke Skywalker owns a X-34 Landspeeder, which has three air-cooled thrust turbines. Luke’s landspeeder is missing its portside turbine cowling.

Luke’s landspeeder may be old and battered, but Luke keeps his landspeeder in good working order with tinkering and careful maintenance. An external fixture allows Luke to store his rifle on the landspeeder’s starboard side.

After Luke learns of his father’s past as a Jedi knight from Obi-Wan Kenobi, and when the Empire murders Luke’s uncle and aunt, Luke decides to pursue the Jedi path. Luke and Obi-wan, together with the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO, travel Mos Eisley to procure transport to Alderaan, where upon their arrival a group of Sandtroopers inspects them.

“These are not the droids you are looking for.”

Obi-Wan manages to procure passage aboard a Corellian freighter, but to pay for the upfront fee Luke will have to sell his landspeeder, which Luke readily agrees to do so, having decided that he’s never coming back to this planet again.

Luke accepts an offer of 2,000 credits from Wioslea for the landspeeder. Wioslea remains blissfully unaware that Obi-Wan had performed a Jedi mind trick on her, leading her to pay much more than the landspeeder was worth. As far as Wioslea was concerned, she only wants to go for her joyride.


Star Wars Collecting – Purchase of the Droids

Hello world! Today I’m showcasing a couple more Star Wars figures that have acquired, specifically from the “Purchase of the Droids” scene on Tatooine.

The Jawas have arrived at the Lars Homestead, and they have just lined up six of their droids to offer for sale to the moisture farmer Owen Lars.

Owen Lars is thinking of getting a couple of droids to help out at his moisture farm for the current season, and his nephew Luke Skywalker tags along to view the droids.

Uncle Owen selects the red R2 unit, while Luke is more eager to waste time with his friends over at Tosche Station.

“Something seems oddly familiar about that protocol droid…” and Uncle Owen dismisses that thought.

Uncle Owen chats with the gold-plated protocol droid, and finds out that the droid not only understands the binary language of moisture vaporators, and it also speaks Bocce. Uncle Owen decides that this is the droid that he’s looking for.

“Come on Red! Let’s go!”

“Pop – bang!”

“Uncle Owen, this R2 unit has a bad motivator. Look!”

Following the protocol droid’s recommendation, Uncle Owen swaps the red R2 unit for the blue one, who also seems to look somewhat familiar…  naaah!

“Now don’t you forget this! Why I should stick my neck out for you is quite beyond my capacity!”

Just one more:

“Yes, the droid speaks Bocce. It told me so.”