Marvel Universe Collecting – Black Widow

Hi world! It had been a very busy month, but I’ve managed to think of a topic to blog about, and here I present to you the latest showcase from my awesome toy collection: The 4″ releases thus far of Marvel Universe’s Black Widow.

Black Widows assemble! We have six Black Widows here.
(From left)
(1) Black Widow from the Marvel Universe line (Series 2 #011)
(2) Black Widow from the Marvel Universe Avengers with stand line
(3) Black Widow from The Avengers line #14
(4) Black Widow from Avengers Assemble
(5) Black Widow from Avengers: Age of Ultron
(6) Black Widow from Marvel Gamerverse line

In the Marvel comics, Natalia Romanova was a Soviet spy who was trained from young in the skills of espionage, assassination, marksmanship and the martial arts, brainwashed and indoctrinated in the Communist system, going by the codename “Black Widow”. However, after a couple of missions in the United States she decides to defect and work for S.H.I.E.L.D. Black Widow also goes by the name “Natasha” which is an informal version of “Natalia”.

Another Black Widow with a different appearance was released as part of the “MU Avengers with stand” line. She shares the same head (and the same buck) as Psylocke, and a couple of Jean Grey variants.

Yep, it’s the same head and buck.
From left: Black Widow, Psylocke, Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey (X-Factor), Marvel Girl (X-Men First Class)

MCU’s Black Widow was released as part of “The Avengers” line. For “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, the same figure was re-released, this time she’s given blue highlights as per her appearance in the movie. In the movies the Black Widow’s real name is Natalia Alianovna “Natasha” Romanoff, which is somewhat inconsistent with the Russian family name system of using the feminine form “Romanova” for females.

This is Black Widow’s appearance in the animated series “Avengers Assemble”. It is a reuse of MCU Black Widow catsuit buck, with a new head and belt.

And this Black Widow was released as part of the recent Marvel Gamerverse line, she is an almost complete reuse of MCU Black Widow buck, except for her head, which is a repaint of Gamora’s head. Amazingly, Black Widow’s hairstyle looks just like that in the “Marvel Vs. Capcom” game.

Comparison between Marvel Gamerverse Black Widow and Gamora. It’s such a clever re-use that it makes you think whether Gamora’s head sculpt was designed with Black Widow in mind.

We have a special appearance by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Maria Hill and Sharon Carter (aka Agent 13). I am showcasing them here as they somewhat share the MCU Black Widow catsuit buck. Maria Hill is a repaint of the Black Widow buck with a new head, while Sharon Carter uses Black Widow’s legs and belt together with a new torso and head.

Black Widows in action.

Heck, let’s just add Maria Hill and Sharon Carter to the mix. Femmes Fatale in action.

A couple more worthy mentions:

This is the cancelled Iron Man 2 three-pack box set of Iron Man, War Machine, and Black Widow. Had this been released it would have been the first MCU Black Widow figure. The reason for the box set’s cancellation was never announced, but somehow it managed to went on sale in the UK.

IM2widow2Close-up comparison between “Iron Man 2” Black Widow and “The Avengers” Black Widow. Picture from someone’s collection as posted on ToyArk forum here.

Two other Marvel Universe Black Widow variants also exist:

On the right is the “Short red hair variant” Black Widow, compared with the regular release on the left.

BlackWidowVariantMOCThis is the “Blonde variant” Black Widow, and is thought to be Yelena Belova, a more recent character who also used the “Black Widow” name.

Based on the posts in ToyArk Forums, both of the above Black Widow variants were prototypes created when Hasbro considered releasing variant figures, but any such plans were cancelled. Instead, these prototypes were given to Hasbro employees, and subsequently some were sold to collectors. They are among the rarest MU figures, fetching exorbitant prices online if they were ever on sale.

Picture of Iron Man 2 Undercover Assault Box Set from
Pictures of Marvel Universe Black Widow variants from posts on ToyArk Forum.


Marvel Universe Collecting – Deadpool Corps (Take Two)

Following from last month’s showcase of my Deadpool Corps collection, I thought I’ll go through the Deadpool Corps just once more since, each figure was acquired piecemeal via various evilBay sources, and as such certain aspects could be different from that of the genuine Taco truck article. Bear with me here as I seek to clarify to everyone and myself what I consider is the backstory for each figure.


Let’s start with Deadpool. Here’s a picture of Deadpool as purchased.


Deadpool came from a ChinaBay source. On closer inspection and after checking online for more information, I concluded that this particular Deadpool figure did not belong to the Taco truck set, but instead he comes from the single release comic series Deadpool of the “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” toy line.

XOWolverine-001_DPComic Series Deadpool from “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”

The original “Taco truck set Deadpool” has dark brown scabbards, holster, and belt pouches, and there’s no red on the Deadpool symbol belt buckle. Also, “Taco truck set Deadpool” comes with a dagger, two futuristic guns, swimming floats and inflatable Ducky.

The original Deadpool from the Taco truck set.

But as a consolation, the taco eating head does belong to the Taco truck set. The same two futuristic guns also came with MU Cable, so they can be borrowed for Deadpool to use. I have another Deadpool figure from the MU Deadpool & Taskmaster Comic Pack, and the masked head plus the dagger can be borrowed to snap the “Taco truck set Deadpool”.

Well, almost anyway.

Just an observation: If Taco truck set Deadpool uses the same buck as the Comic Series Deadpool, then the holster on his leg will not fit that futuristic pistol. It does fit the dagger loosely though.

It is possible to customise a Taco truck set Deadpool with a simple repaint, but for now I’ll just let Deadpool stay the way he is.

Next: Lady Deadpool. Picture as purchased:

IMG_6254.JPGLady Deadpool was re-released as part of Marvel Legends Series Wave 4. She came together with Squirrelpool.

The original Lady Deadpool from the Taco truck set.

Perhaps the only significant difference between the two is that the original “Taco truck set Lady Deadpool” has a slightly darker hair colour as compared with the single release. There’s always a slight variation with every Hasbro MU re-releases, enough to irritate the completionist collector. “Taco Lady Deadpool” also came with a laser gun and a bazooka. It so happens that the two weapons are the same accessories as that of MU A.I.M. Soldier, and I’ve borrowed them to snap a somewhat complete “Taco Lady Deadpool”.


Next: Championpool. Picture as purchased:

No issues on the completeness of Championpool and his accessories as he was purchased as-is from a trader who was selling it separately from the original Taco truck set.

Next: Kidpool & Dogpool. Picture as purchased:

Also no issues with Kidpool and Dogpool. Together with the Taco eating Deadpool head, and probably the XOW: Deadpool itself, these are not considered knock-offs but are thought to be overproduction from the Hasbro-licensed factories in China that were never contracturally acquired by Hasbro for final packaging and sale. As such enterprising sellers are offloading them on evilBay, usually at a cheaper price than retail, which is either a bane or boon from a certain point of view.


So there you have it. A somewhat convoluted piecemeal method to acquire the exclusive Taco truck set figures without overspending too much, with the end result of some slight paint differences and lacking certain accessories (Deadpool’s swimming float, Ducky, Taco packages and the Taco truck itself). Wouldn’t exactly be a preferred option if you are the compulsive completionist, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

A word of caution if you are considering the cheaper ChinaBay route: There’s a knock-off Taco truck Deadpool set floating around which comes with the similar-looking figures but with seriously reduced articulation (no elbows or knee articulation), poor paint apps, among others. Beware not to mistake this for what you think you are going to get.

DPset_fakeFAKE, and probably toxic. Picture from eBay.

(Pictures of XOW Deadpool, Taco Deadpool & Taco Lady Deadpool courtesy of

Just one more:

“And it comes in red too!”

Marvel Universe Collecting – Deadpool Corps

Hello world! Here’s another showcase from my awesome Marvel Universe collection – Deadpool Corps !

For some convoluted reason, Deadpool, the “Merc with a mouth”, finds himself joined by several alternate versions of himself from different universes, and together they form the Deadpool Corps. Pictured above are Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Championpool, Kidpool, Dogpool, and Squirrelpool.

Deadpool Corps was released in 2013 by Hasbro as a SDCC 2013 Comic-Con Exclusive, coming in a box set shaped like a taco truck. But after concluding that the taco truck box set was selling at exorbitant prices online, I decided to acquire the set piecemeal via various evilBay sources, thinking that this could possibly be a cheaper route. A couple of accessories were not obtained such as Deadpool’s swimming floats, and maybe a couple of weapons. But I suppose that’s what you get for trying not to overspend on an exclusive item.

Deadpool and his signature katana swords.

Here’s Deadpool with his alternative head, with a revealing mask so that he can eat his taco.

Lady Deadpool is a female counterpart of Deadpool from an alternate reality, whereby she leads a one-woman resistance against the fascist US government.

The Champion is a member of the alien Elders of the Universe, immortal beings who obsess over a single motivation so as to maintain their will to live, often to the point of fanaticism. The Champion is ever eager to prove himself to be the greatest warrior in the universe, in this instance joining up with the Deadpool Corps and taking on the name “Championpool”.

Kidpool hails from an alternate reality whereby he is a child version of Deadpool who attends Professor X’s school. Deadpool recruits Kidpool to join the Deadpool Corps, and Kidpool snitches two lightsabers from the Danger Room as his weapons.

In another reality, Dogpool was the result of an experiment that resulted in Dogpool gaining healing powers. I couldn’t find any info on this Squirrelpool though, it seems to be a different character from that of another Squirrelpool who’s a recombination of Deadpool’s and Squirrel Girl’s DNA.

“You’d think that the studio would be able to hire a couple more actors to fill up this empty X-mansion.”

“Quick! Hank! Close the doors before he sees us!”

Custom Marvel Universe Figure – Arnim Zola

Now this is a Marvel Universe custom figure that had been a long time coming – the diabolical scientist Arnim Zola !

Arnim Zola was a biochemist in the 1930s who became one of the first genetic engineers in history after finding and decoding a cache of ancient scientific papers written by the offshoot race of humanity known as the Deviants. Arnim Zola then allied himself with the Nazis, who see Zola’s genetic experiments as a means to create super soldiers and ensure the existence of the Master Race. Arnim Zola creates a sophisticated robot body for himself and devised a method to transfer his conscious mind into the robot body, which allowed Arnim Zola to survive the end of world War II and into the modern age. Arnim Zola continues his nefarious experiments, working with likes of Hydra, the Red Skull, Baron Zemo, Baron von Strucker, all the while creating hideous monsters that do his bidding.

Head, torso, skirt – BAF parts of Hasbro Marvel Legends Arnim Zola
Arms, hips, legs – Marvel Universe Thanos

I hinted wayback (8 years ago!) that I was planning on a custom Arnim Zola. Since then I had been searching online for various possible recipes. At one point an idea to customize an Arnim Zola from a Cobra B.A.T. was considered and ultimately discarded as I thought it looked too small. Finally I came across this recipe at Figure Realms Customs. And I felt that this particular custom seemed massive enough when compared with the other Marvel Universe scale figures.

Parts need to be procured. I already had a single-release MU Thanos of which I decided to use his arms and legs as custom fodder (not many people are aware of this, but this figure was not accurate to Thanos’ comics appearance – it’s missing a vertical gold stripe that should be on the front of his chest.) But you can also use the arms and legs of many other MU figures that used the same buck. (As a sidenote, two other more comics-accurate Thanos were later released, here and here)

The hard part was finding the required Marvel Legends BAF parts. Again not many people are aware of this, two BAF Arnim Zola torso released – one with Arnim Zola’s human-looking face on the chest, and other came with Red Skull’s face. Similarly, two BAF Arnim Zola robot heads were also released – one with yellow eye (original Arnim Zola), the other with red eye (the Red Skull’s apparently).

Apparently the Red Skull was at one time stuck in Arnim Zola’s robot body in the comics, so the Red Skull-face torso and red eye head reflects this storyline. For some reasons the ML figures with Arnim Zola-face torso, and the yellow eye robot head, were severely short-packed in their distribution, making the Red Skull versions far more common. As a result they were very hard to find on retail sale, and it also had the unfortunate effect in misleading many people into thinking that Arnim Zola has a Red Skull face on his screen!

arnim_zola_faceHere’s a scan of Arnim Zola’s face.
It is NOT a Red Skull !

After a very long search, I was able to track down a ML Madame Masque together with the Arnim Zola-face torso at a specialty toy shop. And I bought the robot head on eBay, it was the red eye version as only that was available. But I was okay with it as Arnim Zola’s robot eye had inconsistently been either yellow or red in the comics anyway.

The original hips on the BAF torso was removed and replaced with that of Thanos’. The arms and legs were painted orange, while the gloves and shoes were painted purple, with additional patterns painted on the shoes. Originally I thought it will be a simple matter of just inserting in the arms with the shoulder plugs dremeled to fit into the torso. But then I discovered that the plugs were too short to snugly fit into the BAF torso. It was only recently that I came up with a method to extend the lengths of the plugs such that the arms will not so easily drop off.


The shoulder plugs were extended by attaching them each with a wooden peg. These wooden pegs are used for holding up shelves on bookshelves. The peg is first sawed to a suitable length and sanded to fit snugly into the torso. Holes are drilled on the out-facing end of the peg such that the shoulder plug can be inserted into them. Epoxy glue is then used to fix the pegs and shoulder plugs in place such that they move as one without breaking.

And with the shoulders issue finally settled I was able to declare my custom Arnim Zola as complete.

Arnim Zola and his partners in terror – Red Skull, and Baron Zemo.

“Not the frail dwarf I was then– “

Arnim Zola sends the Nazi super soldiers to fight Captain America – Master Man and Warrior Woman !

Yeah, Zola sometimes does that with his ESP box.



Awesome Toy Collection – ToyBiz Brood

Hi all, here’s my showcase of another Marvel ToyBiz figure which I feel is somewhat compatible with my Marvel Universe figures – Marvel’s Brood.

The Brood are a race of insectoid parasitic beings whose origins are unknown, and have spread across the galaxies infesting numerous worlds. The Brood are one of the most insidious aliens ever, they reproduce by implanting eggs into their host, which then grows and takes over their host’s body, changing it into another Brood and effectively killing the original host. If the host possesses any super powers, the resultant Brood will inherit them.

The Brood share a hive mind, each Brood knows what other members of the Brood knows. The Brood is governed by a supreme matriarchy, with a Brood Empress at the top of the Brood caste system. Each Brood community is lead by a Queen who fulfill the mental commands of the Empress. The Broodlings make up the Brood community, doing all the labor and most of the fighting, and they never rebel against their Queen. Although the Queens have no allegiance to each other.

The Brood have fanged jaws. Their skulls are triangular and flat, with a birthmark between their eyes. The two front legs are actually long tentacles they can use to manipulate objects. Due to their natural body armor and teeth, the Brood are very dangerous in combat. In addition, they have stingers that deliver paralyzing or killing poison.

The Brood are among one of the X-Men’s most formidable enemies.



A couple of comparison shots:



Awesome Toy Collection – ToyBiz Mojo

Hi world! It’s been a short but busy month of February, and for this month I showcase another Toybiz figure that I have collected as I think he is somewhat compatible with my other 4″ Marvel figures – Marvel’s Mojo.

Mojo is an alien slave owner who rules the ‘Mojoverse’, a dimension where all beings are addicted to Mojo’s television programs. Mojo is a frequent enemy of the X-Men, and had on numerous occasions clashed with them. Mojo has often expressed a desire to enslave Earth and the X-Men, and his various encounters with them had often shot his ratings through the roof.


Mojo’s likeness in the Marvel cartoons remains generally faithful to his comic book appearance, which is a sick yellow colour grotesque blob of mass supported on an exoskeleton, complete with wires that keep his eyes wide open. The character of Mojo is written as an absurdist parody of TV network executives.

Mojo’s exoskeleton has an artificial appendage which operates as an arm or slicer, and it shoots laser. For the figure, there is a button on the back which when pressed brings down the appendage in a slicing motion.

Oh, and you want to see the slicing motion.

The “wild whiping tail action” brings the stinger down to just in front of Mojo’s face.

Mojo in his ToyBiz packaging, he seems to have been released in two different styles.
Photos from a Google search.

Mojo is confronted by Longshot, a former slave who has rebelled against him.

Mojo ordered the creation of child clones of the X-Men called the X-Babies so that he can control them in an effort to improve his ratings. The X-Babies themselves eventually rebelled against him anyway. Here, Cykes is about to give Mojo a blast.

A couple of comparison shots:




“That’s a wrap!”



Awesome Toy Collection – ToyBiz Gorgon

Hello world! Welcome to my first post for 2018! For today’s awesome toy showcase I present : Marvel’s Gorgon, made by ToyBiz.

Gorgon is a member of the Inhumans, a race of beings which possess incredible superhuman powers. After going through the process of terrigenesis, Gorgon was endowed with massively-muscled legs and hoof-like feet. By simply stomping his hoof on the ground, Gorgon could generate powerful shockwaves that will literally knock his enemies over.

During the 1990’s, the toy company ToyBiz produced 5″ scale figures of Marvel Comics characters in conjunction with the many Marvel animated series that were released during that time such as “Spider-man”, “X-Men”, “Fantastic Four”, and others. In most cases the onscreen appearances of the characters were generally faithful to their comic versions. With some imagination certain ToyBiz figures could fit well in with the 4″ scale Marvel figures produced by Hasbro in recent years. And that’s what I thought when I picked up a loose Gorgon figure at the local toy flea market.

The Inhuman Royal Family. Gorgon’s just a big fella.

More information on the Inhumans figures can be found at this previous post of mine:
Marvel Universe Collecting – The Inhumans.

At the back of the Gorgon figure is a lever when pressed will activate Gorgon’s hoof stompin’ action!

This is the second animated GIF that I have created. The first one is here.

Gorgon appeared on the “Fantastic Four” animated series. He originally came with two assault rifles that sadly have been misplaced by the previous owner.

toybiz_gorgonA picture of Gorgon in his Toybiz packaging.
Photo from a Google search.

A couple more comparison shots:



Gorgon was most recently seen onscreen in the TV series “Marvel’s Inhumans”, fighting alongside Black Bolt and the Inhuman Royal Family.

Just one more:

Third time’s the pooch!

Awesome Toy Collection – Year End Showhand 2017

Hi world! 2017 has drawn to a close, and I’m back with my Year End Showhand, showcasing items from my awesome toy collection that I had acquired over the course of the year or even earlier.

First I’m showcasing a couple of Funko 3.75″ figures. Funko is a toy company nowadays more famous for producing their Pop! Vinyl series of super-deformed figures. But Funko also produces 3.75″ figures of characters from movies and TV series. As these figures are of considerably lesser articulation and have a somewhat more retro design,  Funko is able to make these figures under a cheaper license. As a result these figures can get to be made, rather than get ignored by some of the more established toy companies who are less inclined to invest too much capital on characters that they consider less popular and will not sell well, especially for the 3.75″ scale.

Funko “Suicide Squad” 3.75″ figures.
Bottom row: Joker, Harley Quinn, Joker (shirtless), Harley (inmate), Enchantress, Katana
Top row:  Deadshot, Killer Croc, Batman (Underwater), Batman (chase variant)
There’s no word on whether the rest of the Suicide Squad are going to be made, such as Rick Flag, Captain Boomerang, El Diablo, or even Slipknot.

Funko “Batman Classic TV Series” figures
From top: Batgirl, Catwoman, Bookworm, Mr. Freeze, King Tut, and Batmobile with Batman & Robin.
Comments from Funko suggests that future waves are in the works.

“The Rocketeer”, and “The Mummy”
Funko was releasing these retro-design under the label “ReAction Figures”, but they seemed to have dropped the name recently.

“Green Lantern Movie” 3.75″ figures
After acquiring the individual GL figures that I occasionally come across, I’ve decided to just simply complete whoever that I was still lacking by buying them online. Methinks that all the alien GL figs are here, including Salaak who was released only as part of the “Leaders of the Corps” 4-pack. Bet you didn’t know that they’ve also made a figure for Test Pilot Martin Jordan, Hal’s dad. Martin comes with a cool parachute which he didn’t really use in the movie (although Hal did use one). One thing that I did decide against doing was to get all the different costume variations of Hal Jordan (there are many, most of which are not screen accurate). That would have been pushing it.

More “Green Lantern” links on my blog:
Awesome Toy Collection – Guardians of the Universe
Green Lantern – The Photonovel

And now a couple of snaps of my McFarlane’s Monsters Playsets. Bought them a long time ago but haven’t actually showcased them yet.

“The Mummy” playset

“Dracula” playset

“Werewolf” playset

“The Sea Creature” playset

“The Phantom of the Opera” playset

“Dr. Frankenstein” playset from Series 2

“Frankenstein” playset from Series 1

And the two Frankenstein playsets can be combined into one!

And “The Hunchback” playset, which remains unopened.

And there you have it. Here’s hoping for a better 2018, for all of us.

Upcoming Marvel Film – Captain Marvel

Hello world! One of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film is “Captain Marvel”, which is slated for release in 2019. And I’d like to go into some of the details about the film that have been released so far.

Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel

In the comics, Carol Danvers is a United States Air Force pilot who, after gaining cosmic powers, became the super-heroine Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers gains her powers after an encounter with the alien race Kree, who had earlier appeared in “Guardians of the Galaxy” as well as in several episodes of “Agents of SHIELD”.

“Captain Marvel” will be set in the 1990s, and it will also feature Nick Fury before he got his eyepatch.


In the first “Iron Man” film (which seems to be set in 2008, there are several theories about this), Nick Fury mentions to Tony Stark that Iron Man is not “the only superhero in the world”. Perhaps he could have been referring to Captain Marvel, or possibly Ant-Man or even the Wasp, all of whose exploits are regarded as rumours and kept classified and unknown to the general populace of the world.

Another released detail about “Captain Marvel” is that the Skrulls will be the main antagonists in the film. In the comics, the Skrulls are shape-changing aliens who have encountered Earth’s superheroes numerous times. They had at times clashed with other alien powers, and have also attempted to conquer Earth with a secret invasion.


This is very interesting as the Skrulls are generally regarded as part of the Fantastic Four franchise, the license of which is currently owned by Fox Studios, who also owns the license for the X-Men. The fact that the Skrulls are going to appear in the MCU suggests that some sort of deal had been reached between Disney (owners of Marvel) and Fox, allowing for the use of the Skrulls as the antagonists in “Captain Marvel”.

Comic Series Skrull (center), together with Super-Skrull (left) and Corsair Skrull (right).

On the other hand, in “The Avengers” Nick Fury appeared to suggest that the encounter with the Destroyer and the Asgardians (happened in “Thor”) was Earth’s first contact with extra-terrestrial lifeforms. This suggest that the events of “Captain Marvel” might have been kept secret and unknown to the general public.


In “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, Nick Fury mentioned that the last time he trusted someone he lost an eye. In the upcoming “Captain Marvel” we may see what actually transpired such that Fury gets injured and lose his eye. It is possible the shape-changing Skrulls could have impersonated someone close to Fury, leading up to the events whereby Fury gets injured.

In addition, given that there has been no mention of Captain Marvel in the MCU films thus far, there has been speculation that Captain Marvel will in some way become trapped in time only to re-emerge into the current timeframe of the MCU.

Of course, until the release of “Captain Marvel” sometime in 2019, many other details will be released and certain details may even change. But for now fans are having fun speculating away. Same here.


Marvel Cinematic Universe – Boxset Figures

Hi world! My blog post for the month features several more 3.75″ Marvel Cinematic Universe figures released by Hasbro, specifically those that were released as a box set. I might have featured some of them previously, but I’ll just showcase them here again.

So let’s start from somewhere near the beginning –

Iron Man 2 “Armored Assault” set – Iron Man Mark V, Ivan “Whiplash” Vanko, and the Sea Assault Drone. Iron Man Mark V and Whiplash are repacks from the single releases.

Iron Man 2 “Fury of Combat” set – Iron Man Mark VI, two Ground Assault Drones, and Nick Fury. Iron Man Mark VI is a repack, while this Nick Fury comes with a soft goods jacket.

FYI – There’s also an Iron Man 2 “Undercover Assault” set that was canceled without explanation. It features an unmasked Tony Stark in his Iron Man Mark VI Armor, unmasked James Rhodes War Machine, and Black Widow. For some reasons the unmasked War Machine can be readily found on eBay, while Tony Stark’s head had to wait for a future product release, which was…

Iron Man 3 “Hall of Armor” set – Tony Stark and his Iron Man armors Mark I, II, III, VI, and XLII. The Mark I, II, III and VI armors are slight repaints of earlier single releases from “Iron Man 2”, specifically with added blue highlights around the arc reactors.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Captain America & Black Widow. Captain America is a repack of the same figure from the “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” wave. He doesn’t really wear that uniform in “Age of Ultron”. Black Widow is a slight repaint of the same figure from “The Avengers” wave, this time with added blue details on her black catsuit.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Iron Man Mark XLIII & Nick Fury. Nick Fury is a repack of the same figure from “The Avengers” wave, only this time with a slightly lighter skin tone.

There’s also another 2-pack for “Avengers: Age of Ultron” featuring Hawkeye and Falcon, but as they are both repacks with very slight repaints, I decided not to buy that set.

Ant-Man – Ant-Man & Ant.

Captain America: Civil War – Captain America with motorcycle. Captain America earlier wore this uniform in “Age of Ultron”.

Captain America: Civil War – Falcon with flight tech & Redwing drone.

Captain America: Civil War – Black Panther & “Agent 13” Sharon Carter.

Doctor Strange – Doctor Strange & Astral Doctor Strange.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Yondu & Star-Lord. Yondu comes with a holster that’s meant to hold his arrow which is noticeably missing and does not even come as an accessory.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – Vulture & Spider-Man. The Vulture’s wings are missing the rotor blades, they are just two big empty holes!

Thor: Ragnarok – Thor & Hulk as gladiator. The upcoming movie has taken some elements from the “Planet Hulk” comics storyline, featuring the Hulk being forced to do battle in gladiatorial games. After watching the trailers, I’m real hyped up for the upcoming movie, coming to cinemas this November.

Skurge the Executioner & The Enchantress. These two figures belong to the comics series and aren’t exactly part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I’ll showcase them here since Skurge is going to appear in “Thor: Ragnarok”. Skurge is actually a long postponed release, having been originally announced as part of a 3-pack including Thor and Valkyrie, that was later canceled.

It is sure fun to collect these comics superheroes (or supervillians) given physical form, and I hope that together with the release of future MCU movies, even more of these 3.75″ action figures will become available for collection. Oh yeah!

Of course, this isn’t helped much by the open knowledge that the higher-ups at Hasbro aren’t really interested in the 3.75″ series but are more invested in the 6″ series, as evidenced by their evasive and non-committal answers when asked about the future of the 3.75″ series during interviews. This had even led to speculation that Hasbro may have already decided not to renew the contract for the 3.75″ figures, which is set to expire in 2018. You can read more about this over at the Toyark forum appreciation thread for Marvel 3.75″ figures post 31316 and to the end of that page, and beyond.

Just one more:

The Captain commends you and your patience for having slogged through this blog post, right to the very end.