Rainbow outside my house

Last saturday, after a rainstorm, a rainbow manifested itself outside my house.

So, where’s me pot of gold, heh?

I took part in the OSIM Triathlon – 1st August 2009

I took part in the OSIM Internation Triathlon on 1st August, participating in the Sprint Individual Men category. In the Sprint category, the distances involved are half of that of the Olympic category. Which meant that I swam 750 metres, cycled 20 km, and ran 5 km.
I completed my sprint triathlon in a total time of 2 hours 7 mins and 17 seconds, which places me at 465th out of the 510 participants in this category. I should say that I am rather proud to have competed in the triathlon, since I like to exercise to keep myself fit and healthy, and taking part in the triathlon allows me to have a measure of exactly how fit I am. My swimming took 0:24:55, cycling 1:09:13, and running 0:33:10.
Here’s some photos of me doing the running, courtesy of www.sportsphotox.com, which takes photos of every participants for selling of professional prints.

Triathlon Training

In the past month or two, I had been joining a group of triathlon enthusiaists to exercise after work on Monday evenings. Actually, I was invited by my colleague Yo-yo Girl to join in the training. She herself is a triathlon enthusiast, having participated in many events. Personally, I jog and workout in gym often, so to do some triathlon training so happens to coincide with my personal resolution of staying fit and healthy and making exercise part of my everyday life, and perhaps even hulking up my physique so as to raise my market value.
Triathlon events consist of swimming, cycling and running. It can be a rather expensive hobby since triathletes invest quite a lot of money in purchasing and maintaining a good racer bike, usually in the range of $2,000 or $3,000 plus. Furthermore, some triathlon training programs conducted by professionals can cost in the hundreds. Fortunately, these Monday trainings are conducted by a fellow triahlon enthusiaist who offer his coaching services for free.
I train at the Queenstown Sports Complex, there is a swimming pool there which was built in 1970. The training only involves swimming and running, no cycling. First, we would swim 30 laps, which translates to 1.5km. After that, we would change into running attire, and run around the Queenstown area twice, ending back at the sports complex. I estimate the total running distance is about 6.3km.
Ideally, a triathlete should be able to complete 30 laps of swimming within 40mins, something that I have yet to achieve. Running immediately after swimming simulates the triathlon or even biathlon events, allowing us to adapt to the racing conditions, as well as develop the stamina to run some more after having first tiring ourselves out with swimming.
I had taken part in some triathlon/biathlon events. In my first event, I was part of a triathlon relay team, doing the 10km cycling part. My second event was a mini-biathlon, while my latest event was a sprint triathlon, which has half the distance of a full-length triathlon. I have not participated in a full-length triathlon yet, since I am more interested in doing the shorter distance races that I am confident of finishing.

I ran the JP Morgan Run – 16th April 2009

On 16th April, my colleagues and I took part in the JP Morgan Run. The twelve of us got off early from work to go to the city area where the run was held. The running route is 5.6km long, and it starts off in front of the Esplanade, running along the Marina Bay towards the Singapore Flyer, and then following the F1 race track, going one big round before finishing at the F1 Pit Stops.
There were 10,000 participants, and many companies sent in their group of runners, all wearing their company shirts to promote their business. Before the race started, several representatives of the organising commitee were introduced, most of them were CEO of some dunno what company, not really drawing our attention until we all cheered for the Minister of Community Development, Youth and Sports, since he was someone more popular than those others. There was another Minister who also drew a blank from the crowd.
The run started off at 6pm. It was still hot and sunny, but I was able to run the entire distance in a time of 32mins. One of my colleague was faster, he finished in 28mins. Good thing that I had been running regularly so as to keep myself fit, but this was quite an experience as my usual running distance is 2.4km, while this run at 5.6km was just more than twice my usual running distance. I take this as a challenge to myself, to see if I can maintain my running rate for a longer distance.
Everybody collected their goodie bags, which consisted of a shoe bag, sports bottle, T-shirt, plus a leisure magazine.
Me and some of my running colleagues. I am second from the right.

Forest fire right outside my house

Last Wednesday on the 18th of February, when I got home from work at about 7.30pm, I looked outside my window, and saw that there was a forest fire at a distance away. The fire burned for almost one hour before the fire-fighting authorities were able to bring it under control. For your information I stay in the Bukit Batok area.
The weather here had been very hot and sunny, and there had been a rise in forest fires recently. In many cases, the fires could have been accidentally caused by a stray cigarette butt, or even discarded glass pieces which magnified the sunlight to create the fires. Below is a photo of the forest after the fire, the damage visible in the daylight.
You can see that the fire had scorched a portion of the greenery into a brown, dry patch. But I believe that the fire had caused only minimal damage since the trees are still standing, and the affected area should be able to recover quickly and regain back its green lusture.

Links to my earlier websites

You are all invited to view an earlier website I had created on geocities. I was planning to expand on the websites but had never gotten around to actually doing it.

P Tom’s Star Trek Website


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[UPDATE 2nd January 2012: Geocities had shut down since October 2009, so all of the above links go to nowhere.]