My Schools

The schools that I went to:

St. Matthew’s Kindergarden (Attended 1984-1986)

Anglo-Chinese Primary School (Attended 1987-1992)
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (Attended 1993-1996)
Anglo-Chinese Junior College (Attended 1997-1998)

National University of Singapore (Attended 2001-2005)

Hi Max Cheong Wen Chuen, whom I had known since 1987 and had also attended NUS with, if you ever get around to reading this page, I want you to know that I am very disappointed in you for failing to return my A-levels Statistics notes to me. For your information, I had never blamed you that my notes went into your possession, I always only blamed that bitch ex-girlfriend Cassie of yours. I lent her my notes so that she can teach tution, but she simply could not return my notes directly to me, instead she had to hand it over to you, and your story goes that you had packed my notes together with your university stuff somewhere at your parents’ place. And somehow you had fallen out with you parents and moved out, and then your parents also moved house. And because of all these fucking reasons you simply cannot even be bothered to make the effort to find my notes and return them to me. Not only that, you had even taken to ignoring all my requests to return my notes, thinking that I would actually forget about it. You don’t give me a timeframe by which you will try to find my notes, you don’t even give me your parents’ contact information so that I can approach them myself to try to retrieve my notes back.

I wonder if you had ever learnt about returning an item to its rightful owner. There’s a special place in HELL reserved for these type of people, and no amount of tithings can redeem you away from this one-way track.

Of course, unless you return my stuff.


And seriously Aldrin Tee Lee Loong & Teo Keng Yew, do you even think that I will ever again consider you as a friend after you had shown your true colours by the callous ways you speak to me?

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